The AMPHORA Upholstered Furniture Collection from Desforma

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    The design of AMPHORA furniture has been created for the most demanding consumers. The sculptural shape of the furniture set emphasises the graceful lines, unique shape and seams. This range has emotional appeal and personality, an exceptional and unique look which reflects the true value of the products. The back of the furniture has a new design version of the typical flat back so that the furniture looks very elegant in an open space.

    Company UAB Resmita, who manufactures the furniture, uses unique technology to design the shape of the convex, concave or wavy line furniture for the exquisite interiors of homes, restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars, etc.

    The production of their furniture uses a lot of manual labour so each piece of furniture is unique and every piece becomes art. The furniture is manufactured in Lithuania by a team of skilled labourers over many hours so ordering ahead of schedule is recommended to fulfil your requirements.

    When purchasing the AMPHORA range, we are sure you will enhance any interior.

    Daniel Fountain / 31.05.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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