The Advances in Fabric Walling; Mille Couleurs

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    Are you looking for a change or new idea?

    Fabric walling gives spaces a unique focal point. It is an important decorative element and gives character to a space and elegance to the room. It is the most artistic way that you can use to decorate your space.Fabric walling is a traditional art form, an exquisite example of craftsmanship which exudes grace and class since ancient times. Initially fabric walling was used to adorn castles and churches as it kept moisture at bay, as well as provide aesthetic appeal, but it soon became a symbol of aristocracy and prestige. Today, fabric walling is also appreciated for its beauty and exclusivity.

    Another advantage of fabric walling is it helps to insulate the room from noise. It is therefore excellent for use in offices, conference rooms, cinema rooms, TV rooms, etc.

    Mille Couleurs Showroom is certainly worth a visit if you are looking for a something different.

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    Daniel Fountain / 06.06.2013

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