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    Installers and planners fitting Laufen products can access all the technical information they need, wherever they are, thanks to a new interactive catalogue on the Swiss manufacturer’s website. The Laufen technical catalogue, available from the homepage at, is in PDF format, making it simple to download to a computer desktop or open on a mobile phone or tablet, ensuring installers have instant access to technical information whenever they need it.

    Organised into sections according to product type, the catalogue is simple to navigate either via the drop-down contents at the top of the page, or simply by clicking through each page. The PDF contains full technical details for each and every product in the Laufen collection, including line drawings and full specification data.

    Installers and planners clicking on the picture gallery icon at the start of each product section can then view and download full colour room-set photography or forward selected photography in an email. Clicking on the ‘back’ icon then takes the user to an overview page, with each Laufen range sorted by folder, giving quick and easy access to the manufacturer’s large database of images.

    The fully interactive PDF enables installers and planners to not only browse through and print from the technical catalogue, but also features handy tools such as post-it notes and a bookmark, turning this simple to use document into the ultimate reference tool for anyone specifying and fitting Laufen products.

    Daniel Fountain / 06.05.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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