Taskonaklar Rocky Palace opens Royal Suite

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    Taskonaklar Rocky Palace in Cappadocia, member of Great Hotels of the World, has just opened its first Royal Suite. The suite boasts exceptional features, including a private terrace with outdoor jacuzzi, where guests can take in the magnificent landscape over the Pigeon Valley. The Royal Suite is extremely spacious, spanning 80m² with its own living room and fireplace, ideal for cosying up in the winter months. Guests will be able to use the jacuzzi in the snow, providing an experience unique to the property. Special services are also available for those guests residing in the Royal Suite, including private dinners prepared within the suite, extra beds and exclusive bathroom amenities.

    Taskonaklar is located right on top of the picturesque Pigeon Valley of Cappadocia with its world famous canyon, hills and unusual rock formations, eroded by the rain and wind over thousands of years. The property is family-run and handcrafted, built in respect with the nature, history and local traditions of Cappadocia. It has used local raw materials to transform the property into an immersive experience since every stone, every arch, every old chimney was preserved as it came to life. That is why not one room is similar to another and each of the 20 bedrooms has its own unique character. Guests can choose to stay in special cave rooms or specially carved stone rooms combining subterranean spaces with its rough-hewn walls and stone archways with terraces and balconies. The property is also eco-friendly, using solar panels and water purification to minimise the impact on the environment.

    Daniel Fountain / 04.12.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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