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    UK manufacturers of electrical accessories, Focus SB, are moving into new waters by bringing out a Home Automated Lighting system that, colloquially, has become known as HAL. Intelligent lighting, creative lighting solutions, smart home technology are all current terms being thrown around the market place to describe an integrated lighting, audio and visual control system and now, there is HAL by Focus SB.

    Ross Thornhill, a Focus SB HAL product manager said: ‘Clients have come to us looking for a sophisticated means of controlling a lighting system that has pre-set scenes but they do not necessarily want to see complex control options.’

    The Home Automated Lighting enables for lighting scenes to be set in a room to create a particular atmosphere. The lighting can also be programmed alongside the music and any visual capabilities a room has also.

    One of the properties of this system is that it can also be wired to any electronic blinds or curtains and controlled from a remote control or mobile phone with GPS so, when someone returns homes the gates and curtains will open up in welcome.

    Time For the Tech

    On installations so far, the HAL 4 600 DS control panel has typically been mounted adjacent to the buildings electrical distribution board.

    It has been suitable for controlling low and mains voltage filament lamps and compatible, dimmable, mains voltage led lamps. The HAL panel is networked to the wall mounted control plates with a CAT5/6 data cable.

    Focus SB HAL wall mounted control plates can contain OLED display units that have an internal library of icons that can relate to the selected/ programmed scene. The scenes can be programmed for a room use, for example, ambience for entertaining.

    For more information speak to an adviser at Focus SB:

    Daniel Fountain / 06.03.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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