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    Leading UK shower designer and manufacturer, Roman, have designed brand new packaging for all their products which proudly displays the company’s logo, Made in Britain logo, the CE Mark and also important Health and Safety logos. As well as the packaging displaying a new look with these printed logos, a new thicker material is also being used to ensure durability of the packaging and protection of the product. Roman has proudly flown the flag for British design and manufacture since they were founded in 1985. The leading UK shower manufacturer proudly promotes that their products are made in the UK by presenting the logo on their newly designed product packaging, on their website and social media platforms along with marketing materials and point of sale merchandising. Roman has seen customers moving away from imports in favour of British made products due to their trusted quality, specific sizes and tailor made products to the UK market and the excellence of their after sales and customer service. Roman has capitalised on the fact that the Made in Britain logo not only appeals to the UK market but it is also seen as a major selling point in Asia and Commonwealth countries. Roman has seen a clear trend towards the support of British manufacturers as customers recognise the importance of investing in high quality products for their bathrooms. Roman sees it as a big advantage to market their products as a UK brand and it is a key differential of theirs as people see it as a mark of quality.

    The CE Mark is presented on all Roman packaging which shows that the company are fully committed to the legal requirements sweeping through Europe relating to their Shower Enclosures. Displaying this logo on the packaging shows that Roman conforms to the new CE marking standard, which became compulsory for all construction products from the 1st July 2013. The CE marking indicates that a product complies with EU regulation, it is a self-certification scheme and it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure their products conform to the relevant regulations. As well as displaying the CE mark on all their packaging it is also included within their literature, their individual product instruction manuals and on their website. All of their CE documents for each product can be found on their website, so customers can have quick and easy access to this information.

    The newly designed packaging importantly incorporates the necessary health and safety logos, which include the ‘two man lift’, ‘handle with care’ and the ‘fragile’ logo. These logos cover the packaging to ensure they cannot be missed and as they are all images with no text they can be understood universally. They raise awareness to everyone who comes into contact with the packaging to inform them that the products must be handled with care and they must be lifted by two people.

    Along with the Made in Britian logo, CE mark and the health and safety logos, the material for the cardboard packaging has also been redesigned. As Roman products are becoming heavier with the glass thickness increasing and increased height of shower enclosures the company has ensured protection and safe delivery of the products by bringing in new packaging. This new packaging is extremely thick and strong to ensure durability and protection of the product whilst going through the delivery process.

    David Osborne, Managing Director of Roman commented: “We invested heavily in packaging machinery in 2011 and this now makes a bespoke box to tightly fit round every product and delivers them to the line. Now we want it to reflect what is important to the Roman Brand and to our customers. Our packaging proudly displays that we design and manufacture our products in Britain and shows we follow the regulations of the CE marking and that we make sure all our products are delivered and handled with care, which meets our high standards of quality customer service.”

    Daniel Fountain / 27.02.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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