Power Ethernet’s Integrated Powerline Solution now seen in De Vere’s new ‘Chambre Unique’ rooms

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    MLR Networks was commission by De Vere Hotels to install a high speed data network by Power Ethernet in their new style of premium room upgrade in selected hotels; the “Chamber Unique”. The ‘Chambre Unique’, offers guest new multimedia technology such as Sky TV, Wireless Bose sound and Smart Theatre TV; letting them connect their smartphones and tablets to surf the web or play downloaded content on the new Smart TV box.

    The new room upgrades had to be ‘soft refurb’ only; so cutting into walls and ceilings for new cabling was not an option. The rooms had to be on sale as soon as possible; there was no time or budget for making good or additional building work.

    MLR Networks, with partner Power Ethernet, came up with a quick and simple solution which provides Internet connectivity in the required rooms using Power Ethernet’s innovative Powerline Sockets. This patented device incorporates a four port, high speed Ethernet switch as well as a filtered 13 amp socket and simply replaces the existing electrical socket in each room.

    The network was deployed in a matter of days and MLR Networks managed to fit into the hotel’s normal routine maintenance in order to minimise disruption.

    The result is a business grade data network capable of streaming HD video, accommodates the demand for new device connections or creating sub-networks to support relocation of WiFi access points, deployments of IP-Voice phones, CCTV cameras, building management systems, or any other future network base system.

    Read the complete case study here.

    Daniel Fountain / 26.02.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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