Renaissance Paris Le Parc Trocadero Hotel

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    Universally known as a symbol of RENAISSANCE, spring 2011 brings with it the reopening of a unique hotel. Situated between the Eiffel Tower and the Champs‐Elysées, this new jewel amidst Parisian five‐star hotels cultivates the soul of its exceptional outdoor courtyard through the newly renovated, luxurious interior.The new contemporary decor designed by architect‐designer Jean‐Philippe Nuel is perfectly balanced with the hotel’s original architecture featured across four remarkable historical buildings.

    THE RENAISSANCE PARIS LE PARC TROCADERO HOTEL stands as a haven of peace and timeless elegance, a world of refinement and serenity to explore… it is simply a privileged and authentic Parisian experience.

    Around a fabulous secret garden with timeless charm…
    At the heart of the RENAISSANCE PARIS LE PARC TROCADERO HOTEL, an exceptional 1200‐square‐meter green courtyard stands out in the centre of Paris. Totally redesigned in 2011, the garden is surrounded by the four historical buildings which were part of the construction from the beginning, nearly one century ago.

    Built in 1912, the first building, situated at 55‐57 avenue Raymond Poincaré quickly became a unique and privileged residence for the elite Parisian society of that time. Once you have passed the entrance porch, you will discover three amazing 19th century Anglo‐Norman style buildings, one of these with a charming turret.

    In the 1850s, the building at the back of the garden now called “Residence” was first a convent and then a stable whose owner lived in the turret. The pulley which was then used to lift the bundles of straw is still visible on the façade of the building. Nowadays this building offers guest rooms and function rooms.

    These Anglo‐Norman style buildings once housed the bronze and glass‐making workshop of the famous wrought iron craftsman, Baguès. Alfred Nobel, who owned a near‐by mansion, also enjoyed this garden where he had a small laboratory and an orchid greenhouse.

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    Daniel Fountain / 20.05.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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