Plans for onsite hotel at Bristol Airport approved

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    Pedersen Hotels plan a new hotel for Bristol airport as part of a £150 million redevelopment programme. North Somerset council have agreed to the proposition. The hotel will be 250 bedrooms, scheduled to open in the winter of 2012. It will be a four-storey building with facilities including a bar, restaurant and meeting rooms.Pederson hotels like Rezidor known that hotels on airport sites are the most profitable serving as they do not just passengers who need respite but also providing facilities for airline crews. The hotel is to be built very close to the airport terminal, a mere 100m away, which secures people with a convenient and easy stroll to the airport. Objections to the hotel related to the impact of additional traffic on the area, but this is balanced by the benefit of the 125 new jobs that will be created. Pricing will be set higher than the majority of its competitors due to the advantages of its location.

    Demand for the hotel is high because of the shortage of hotel beds supplying the airport, regardless of the surrounding bed and breakfasts and guest houses offering accommodation. Bristol Airport is the single largest airport in the UK without an onsite hotel, and so the creation of the hotel will be a practical facility in enabling people in the South West to make full use of their regional airport. The development will also expect to see an increase in passenger numbers from 6 million to 10 million per year.

    By Joanna Matwiejczyk

    Daniel Fountain / 29.08.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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