Planika revolutionizes the biofireplace sector

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    With its latest model, Planika sets new standards for the biofires market. Fire Line is a biofire combining exceptional length of the flame – 800mm (31.5in) with an advanced technology. Implemented solutions increase users’ safety and maximize fuel efficiency.

    Fir Line does not require gas nor chimney and there is no need to connect it to any type of installations. It is a completely independent appliance running on Fanola biofuel.

    Planika’s new invention is the only appliance of its kind on the market supplied with electronic sensors controlling the fuel level and temperature. New construction of the burner guarantees burning time for up to 7 hours with flames of regular size and natural warm colour.

    Due to innovations in the burning process only the fumes and not the actual fuel is burning cutting down the CO2 emission and making the product even more eco-friendly.

    Fire Line offers limitless possibilities of arrangement and wide range of applications – for an installation in private apartments and in commercial spaces: hotels, bars, restaurants, as well as in representative office areas.

    Fire Line will be presented at the upcoming Milan trade show. Please come and see it between 14-21 April, at OneTripHotel on Via Tortona 7.

    Daniel Fountain / 08.04.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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