Opening: The Yan Club at the Kunlun Hotel

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    Interior design firm Bilkey Llinas Design (BLD) and hotelier, noted Chinese author Mr Lui, also known as Hai Yan, are pleased to announce the successful opening to critical acclaim for design and atmosphere of the Yan Club in the Kunlun Hotel, situated at 2 Xinyuan Nanlu, Beijing.The designers, having recently renovated the Kunlun Hotel to a contemporary 5-star international standard for Hai Yan, designed the Yan Club in the former backyard garden of the property. The eponymous club is also a play on words, evoking not just the owner’s name but also the connection with the stonework used throughout the club (having the same Chinese character as Yan’s name) and formed part of the design foundation for the designers’ sensitive and inspiring design.

    Entering The Yan Club conjures the impression of venturing into a luxurious enchanted garden. This eclectic fantasy world blends rough surfaces with glitz, nature with fantasy, East and West, traditional and modern. The design is further amplified with dramatic and often colorful lighting to create an adventure full of surprises.

    The more than 20 separate spaces form an enchanting maze of gorgeous VIP rooms and intimate lounge areas. These range from intimate private lounges and semi private booths, to al fresco garden terraces and the open bar areas where bands play live music. Large windows face onto the gardens and many of the spaces open with glass French doors. It’s a series of different experiences all pulled together with the indoor-outdoor magical garden theme.

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    Daniel Fountain / 17.01.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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