Wilton Carpets help to maintain standards at Warwick University

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    Students in University of Warwick halls of residence are studying their way to a bright future upon tufted wool carpet from Wilton Carpets Commercial.

    Recognising the superb appearance retention qualities and value of wool-rich carpets, the Estates Office of University of Warwick selected tufted graphics carpets from Wilton Carpets for its Claycroft, Bluebell Views, Lakeside and Tocil student accommodation. With an excellent array of semi-bespoke FastTrack collections in a choice of contemporary colourways, Wilton Carpets Commercial is ideally positioned to meet the needs of the education sector. In this instance, the University selected a mixture of FastTrack and bespoke designs for each premises, with a total of over 21,000 square metres installed over the course of a year.

    “Making the students feel they are in a comfortable and relaxing environment is vital in ensuring their wellbeing throughout their stay with the University,” comments theEstates Office, University of Warwick. “Yet we also have to consider the punishment the carpets undergo throughout their life and so we selected wool-rich tufted carpets for their excellent value and long-term appearance retention and durability.”

    The installation at Lakeside has now endured the studious lifestyle of students for a year and has proven its ability to retain its appearance, as the Estates Office continues:

    “16,500 students and 5,168 members of staff attend the University every day during term time and we currently receive about eight applications per place at the university, so demand is high. However, maintaining that demand is down to more than just the academic departments. The standard of accommodation for undergraduates is part of the whole package that the University of Warwick offers and the halls of residence need to be just as well regarded as the faculties. Part of this is making sure our student accommodation is second to none and Wilton Carpets has helped us achieve this.”

    All tufted carpets in the numerous corridors and bedrooms of the four residential Lakeside buildings use a performance blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon for a combination of durability, appearance retention and value. Combined with a vast library of designs and colour palettes to enhance interior environments, Wilton Carpets FastTrack tufted carpets provide education environments with a stylish floorcovering solution that will deliver upon expectations.

    Daniel Fountain / 16.01.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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