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    The Gigia series of lights use natural stone slabs that are applied onto a supporting structure. Available with single and double light emissions, the minimalistic architectural design will fit well into any contemporary design. Working with stone is a gesture full of significance, the titanic struggle between great forces lives on through the antique rituals of stone workmanship. Many of our designs are finished by hand, by true artisans using traditions that have not changed for hundreds of years.

    “First comes the block, bearing within it shapes that we have already mentally designed, and that in its own right is already a finished item”. Light is an addition, illuminating the facades of walkways where the slim-line modern designs can be used.

    When not in use, our natural stone Gigia range becomes an integral part of the building design and can be used to bridge the countryside with the city.

    The History and countryside of the Montefeltro Region has a deep influence on the designers at Ca’Belli who are always looking for new ways to work natural stone and maintain its durability and resistance to harsh conditions yet, obtaining a malleable material that lets light shine through.

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    Daniel Fountain / 20.07.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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