Miniview: St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh

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    Interior design is all about the treatment of interior space, and some of the most magnificent interior spaces are contained in our religious buildings. Interior designers are also concerned with the reuse and re-functioning of spaces, and through history religious spaces have been modified to reflect the religious philosophies of their times.St. Giles has been the cathedral kirk in Edinburgh since the 12th century. The space now features a central altar area, but the building has housed a coal store, police station, jail and home for the Scottish version of the guillotine in its history. Currently the building has a pared back simplicity that belies the good design that has gone into creating the current glorious space, good design not of any one individual but of generations of craftsmen, designers and men of religion who have crafted what is today a space that expands the soul with its light and beauty.

    In 1911 the Thistle Chapel (architect: Sir Robert Lorimer) was completed, to be used by the Knights of the Thistle, Scotland’s order of chivalry. Though small, it is in 15th century high Gothic style and full of elaborate carvings in wood and stone and of colourful heraldry.

    Daniel Fountain / 27.02.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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