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    With their second sister branch opening in Newcastle in a months’ time, Sleeperz are slowly building up a brand with an exciting and fresh initiative. Their concept is simple – working around existing plots of land close to mainline stations in order to create something desirable, but without the hefty price tag. In this current economic climate, this is something that is unsurprisingly popular. Being flexible with the exterior of the building has resulted in Sleeperz using up every last square metre of space to accommodate as many guests as possible – there are a total of 74 rooms in the Cardiff property. The rooms are therefore compact, yet in no means do you go without. The bespoke furniture slots in every available angle. This does not mean a lack of design or creativity though – the hotel strives to succeed in all three important factors they target – location, value and above all, style.

    A sophisticated vibrancy would be the best way to describe the overall style of the hotel. The reception/bar area invites a colourful combination of red and orange washes, while black seating and bespoke white tables balance out the tones of the room. The seating arrangement is well laid out, ensuring that the amount of seating in one space can by no means be mistaken for overcrowding. A 1920’s art décor ambience certainly lingers. Black light shades hang from the ceiling, giving the room character and edge. Natural light is as inclusive as the furniture as a result of the many windows on either side of the room. Although the rest of the hotel has been exclusively designed by Jamie Buchanen, this room was recently re vamped by boutique hotel owner Janine Powell, currently helping with the design for the Newcastle property.

    A corridor leads guests to the breakfast room. The aim was simple – to create the best breakfast room they could have. The result certainly succeeded this desire. Refreshing is the first word that springs to mind. The cool and airy openness results in the same uplifting feeling as a breath of fresh air, or that cup of coffee first thing in the morning – something that is certainly on offer here. Spotlights create sophistication, a far cry away from the conventional budget establishment. Vertical window panels give the room dimension. A breakfast bar runs around the outer circumference, joined by a scatter of modern tables. The room is certainly spectacular and has unsurprisingly been booked for numerous private functions, including Sleeperz’ very own birthday party.

    Refurbishment was by Janine Powell of Hamptons Design Studios

    Daniel Fountain / 10.01.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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