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    now shipping the MediaHub Mini, the smallest, simplest and most powerful MediaHub to date. MediaHub is a product that hotels install into guest-rooms, providing guests an easy way to connect their mobile devices to the in-room TV. By leveraging Bluetooth technology, the MediaHub Mini offers universal compatibility with today’s mobile devices. Users can pair with the MediaHub Mini and enjoy their music selections wirelessly through the in-room TV or inroom audio system. Mobile device charging is a ubiquitous need, and one that is typically underserved in the hotel guest-room, so the MediaHub Mini was designed with two USB charging ports. HDMI is the gold standard for device to display connectivity – on the MediaHub Mini it enables thousands of mobile device audio/video connections over a single port.“ was the first company to offer MediaHub solutions to the global hotel marketplace, and since then we’ve learned a great deal” says Neil Betterton, VP of Global Product Development. “Early on the industry was anticipating how guests would want to connect their own devices and content in the hotel room, and this is still happening on the leading edge with things like wireless media streaming. While those are very exciting areas that we are active in, we also recognize that by enabling the key, familiar connections (USB Charging, Bluetooth and HDMI) we can establish a new market-wide baseline for hotel room connectivity.”

    Why Mini? Hoteliers desire in-room connectivity products that are easy for the guest to find and use, but also which blend in with the overall room design. A smaller and more attractive connection point provides hotels with greater flexibility in terms of room placement. Audio/Video connections have consolidated around the HDMI port, paving the way for a smaller, simpler and more powerful MediaHub – which we call Mini.

    MediaHub Mini is the easiest way to enable universal connectivity in the guestroom:
    – Charge a phone, or tablet.
    – Bluetooth pair and play music through the in-room speakers.
    – Plug a mobile device to HDMI and convert the small screen into a widescreen, for movies, games, and thousands of other apps.

    There is nothing to download, no unfamiliar device to use, no menu to access. Simply connect your mobile device to the MediaHub and the TV with automatically switch to play your connected content.

    Daniel Fountain / 01.05.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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