La Gaffe Hotel & Restaurant eliminates weak Wi-Fi spots with Power Ethernet’s Powerline Solution

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    Power Ethernet’s Integrated Powerline Solution solved La Gaffe Hotel and Restaurant’s continuous fighting to provide its customers with a reliable Internet connectivity to the restaurant, bar, rooms and other communal areas. La Gaffe is located in the heart of Hampstead Village — a conservation area in London—. The business is comprised of terraced workman’s cottages constructed in the 1850’s with 18 guest rooms, a restaurant and bar located among multiple dwellings, with 50cm thick walls between dwellings. The WiFi Network was not robust enough to provide reliable internet access throughout the building as it suffers from coverage black spots due to thick, signal-degrading walls, the size and distribution of the property.

    Installing structural data cabling is too expensive and disruptive. It will require cutting into walls and ceilings causing additional building work and disrupting the normal operations of the hotel, bar and restaurant.

    Power Ethernet’s Integrated Powerline Networking Solution provided La Gaffe with instant distribution of Internet access across building by creating a data network that runs over the electrical wiring.

    As there was no need of installing any new cabling, the network was deployed in a matter of hours and without any major redecoration works. This, not only made the networking deployment cost-effective, but also minimised disruption and downtime.

    Key Benefits of Power Ethernet’s Solution:
    • Fast and robust Internet access with minimal disruption and no mess.
    • As no rewiring is needed, installation can be done in a matter of hours keeping downtime to a minimum.
    • The flexibility of the Power Ethernet technology allows the solution to be implemented across single and three phase electrical boards.
    • High value, low investment cost of providing internet in each room up and running in a matter of hours.
    • As the solution is built into the wall, the installation is discreet, theft and tamper-proof and looks aesthetically pleasing.
    • Eliminates cost of “making good” the décor.
    • There is limited loss of revenue as the hotel’s normal operations are not noticeably disrupted by the installation.

    Read the complete case study on Power Ethernet web site.

    Daniel Fountain / 24.04.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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