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    Form met function on Wednesday 9th April for the launch of MK Electric’s Elements Collection at London’s Ice Tank Studios where guests ranging from interior designers to architects alike were joined by Wayne Hemingway, one of Britain’s most iconic and celebrated designers, and co-founder of one of our best-loved fashion brands Red or Dead to celebrate the new stylish, design-led range of wiring accessories. MK executives showcased the new revolutionary collection over cocktails followed by John Forsyth, Strategic Marketing Director of Honeywell telling guests the story of the Elements Collection over dinner and Hemingway engaging guests with his inspirational life story and thoughts on design, form and function.

    Rubbing shoulders over wine, lamb, and vanilla bean Panna Cotta were members of the MK Electric team and an assortment of industry and media experts, while John Forsyth discussed why Elements was created, why it matters and why MK Electric believe it is a genuinely game-changing piece of innovation in the industry. He introduced the theme of form and function referring to the late, great Steve Jobs and chief designer Sir Jonathan Ives of Apple – who championed the importance of form and function in consumer technology and brought about a shift in what consumers expect from technology.

    Forsyth first described this shift as a blessing: “… because today, consumers see technology as a fashion accessory in its own right”. But he then went on to explain that design leaders, like Jobs, have also been a curse to manufacturers as well, since now there is nowhere to hide from the high expectations of consumers.

    He ended his speech by emphasising the benefits of the Elements Collection and humbly stated: “It’s a collection we’re incredibly proud of and excited about as a business, and a range that we think has the potential to redefine what wiring accessories mean to a space.”

    Wayne Hemingway then took to the stage and talked to guests about how form and function are intrinsically linked. Hemingway inspired guests with his life story of starting at a market stall in Camden Market,Red or Dead and how he and his wife have taken on additional housing design projects and are making an effort to ensure design is thought of first and foremost when building socially responsible housing. His uplifting story and his emphasis on creating beautiful, but functional spaces only served to reinforce the MK Elements message – functional components of a room can be beautiful, simple and provide a touch of sophistication, design and elegance.

    John Forsyth, Strategic Marketing Director at Honeywell:
    “Sockets and switches are no longer exempt from design. They must work but they must also combine form and function to lend themselves to the overall design aesthetic of a given space – whether it’s in a residential home, hotel or office”.

    MK modelled a range of materials such as wood and stone at the event and the response of the guests was unanimously positive. It is the time for wiring devices to shine, and the Elements Collection is carrying the torch forward.

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    Daniel Fountain / 23.04.2014

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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