“ILBAGNOALESSI One” by Laufen celebrates ten years of pure elegance

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    10 years after its launch, “ILBAGNOALESSI One” by swiss bathroom manufacturer Laufen, created in collaboration with “Italian design factory” Alessi and designed by Stefano Giovannoni, has become a real bathroom classic. Today’s collection sees the introduction of new ceramic designs and a complete new furniture range as well as brassware. “ILBAGNOALESSI One” by Laufen was launched in 2002 and immediately got a strikingly warm reception from both the public and the media standing out as one of industry’s most innovative design collections. Some of its elements have become real “icons” like the Tam Tam floorstanding washbasin and the drop-shaped WC.

    Explaining the idea behind the latest products that complement the range, Giovannoni comments: “I felt a great desire to find out how much potential can still be tapped in this successful collection – and what Laufen is capable of achieving with its state-of-the-art ceramic technology.”

    The original “ILBAGNOALESSI One” Laufen collection focused on the appeal of each product, rather than covering a wide range of styles. After almost ten years, this collection has been developed to create new design classics, more sophisticated and more related to contract projects and equipped to address a wide range of specific requirements. The new semi-recessed and counter-top basins are larger than the original ones and brand new products stand out for their strong and innovative design, such as the Tuna basin and a new set of Tam Tams as well as new electronic brassware.

    What makes the design of Laufen’s “ILBAGNOALESSI One” so timeless and yet still up-to-date is that from the very beginning the aesthetics of the collection has been characterised by unmistakable shapes with a remarkable identity. Giovannoni explains: “They derive from nature itself and are anchored deeply in the collective subconscious of mankind – like the idea of white stone polished by water. The products do not distinguish themselves by their details, but by their strength, the clarity of their concept and by their primal forms, transmitting a message of purity and expressiveness.

    “ILBAGNOALESSI One” can be considered as a timeless archetype, fashionable and yet not following any particular style, like something created by nature itself.”

    Daniel Fountain / 22.07.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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