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    AVE’s Hotel Domina lighting controls (available through FW Lighting) were chosen for the extensive remodeling of a former US military naval base in Sardinia. The 96 bedroom “La Maddalenda Hotel and Yacht club” underwent extensive remodeling and has been transformed into a fabulous 5*hotel in the beautiful Costa Smeralda.As a leader in automation, AVE’s creative design team continues to bring new and innovative ideas to the hotel and home automation sector. For over 100 years AVE have been manufacturing lighting controls, and it has always been their guiding principle to incorporate the latest advancements in technology and materials into their products.

    With its advances in design and flexibility, Domina Hotel marks itself out as one of the most important developments in hotel industry standards this century. Using cutting-edge solutions, AVE has created a hotel management system that fully meets the needs of small independents to large multinational hotel chains.

    A complete hotel management system, Domina Hotel provides everything from the consumer unit to lighting control, data and power sockets and, temperature control. Their door entry system incorporates future proof 125Khz Mifare security technology for optimum protection.

    Fully networked, Domina provides an interface to the reception desk using PC Server, LAN, and the Web allowing total control from one point. AVE can also monitor and apply the latest software updates directly from their production facility in Italy to any hotel in the World, ensuring your system is updated with the latest software updates and safety protocols.

    The Domina Hotel system can be used with Life 44 and Touch ranges of crystal glass and Zamak front plate, and surrounds.

    Touch and Life 44 crystal are fully customisable, enforcing brand awareness on a subconscious level by allowing the personalisation of front plates with corporate branding or pictograms. Front plates can also be supplied in corporate colours, so further enforcing the values associated with your chosen hotel brand.

    For more information on AVE Domina Hotel please click on the PDF, or for more products from FW Lighting please visit our website: www.fw-lighting.com.

    Daniel Fountain / 21.12.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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