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    Just released onto the UK market by Signbox is Enlighten, at the forefront of smart poster systems; it represents a revolution in affordable illuminated displays.Enlighten’s sleek, supremely stylish, frameless design is back-lit and perfect for the modern, contemporary hotel environment. What makes Enlighten unique is that it incorporates Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that interacts with the next generation of mobile phones. All the hotel guest or visitor has to do is place their phone over the NFC logo in the corner of the poster for information to be instantly transferred to the user’s mobile phone – this could be important guest information, vouchers or other promotional offers or cross promotions with other organisations. Enlighten can also be equipped with coded graphics that switch the sign on when a customer enters an area – ideal for corridor locations.

    Enlighten is available in standard A-series paper sizes, from A4 to A1, with a black or white frameless ‘mount’ as standard, and with branded or custom colours available to order. The ultra-bright LED illumination is low voltage and extremely energy efficient, giving a warranted life of 50,000 hours. At just 10mm thick, Enlighten sits flush and has no visible frame or fixings. Enlighten is adaptable for all interior hotel environments, in single or double-sided formats for wall or suspended options.

    Mark Bartlett, Managing Director of Signbox Ltd, comments, “Enlighten is the perfect example of ‘next generation’ smart posters. Highly energy efficient, Enlighten features ultra-contemporary looks but most importantly now delivers interaction with anyone approaching or standing in front of the poster.

    “By using their NFC enabled mobile phone or device they can instantly obtain a range of valuable information – such as a voucher code to encourage them to use any of the hotel’s facilities.

    “We have invested a significant sum on R & D to bring Enlighten to the market because we really believe it’s the way forward for illuminated poster displays”.

    For further information on Enlighten or to view the full range of Signbox’s products, visit their website at

    Daniel Fountain / 17.12.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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