Forbes backs Wivenhoe development

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    Forbes Group is throwing thirty years’ experience in the hospitality sector worldwide behind an innovative new venture for training the next generation of industry managers and staff. The British manufacturer and supplier of fabrics, furniture and equipment has sponsored and supplied Edge Hotel School, which opened on 20th September at the four star Wivenhoe House Hotel, Colchester. Part of the University of Essex, Wivenhoe’s hotel, restaurants and conference and banqueting facilities will be staffed by students working towards their degree. As they gain practical experience, they will be working with Forbes products.

    After liaising closely with the Project and Operations Manager, interior designers and Wivenhoe’s General Manager Steve Mannock for over twelve months, Forbes was asked to supply 120 banqueting chairs and chair covers, nearly seventy seminar and dining tables from their popular Alu-Lite range, as well as table skirting and restaurant table covers.

    Accessories supplied for conferences and banqueting also included flip chart covers with logos, sueded drop covers for meeting tables and public guidance posts and velour ropes.

    Forbes’s link-up with Forbes International also enabled the Group to supply the trademark Birdcage brass luggage cart and 40 solid Oak Luggage racks for the bedrooms.

    ‘We applaud the practical approach that Edge Hotel School is taking to the training of future staff,’ said Chris Graville, Managing Director of Forbes. ‘We are delighted to offer our support through being a major supplier to Wivenhoe and by sponsoring some of the products, which are taken from across our range.’

    For further information, please see Forbes Group’s website at or telephone 01568 616638

    Daniel Fountain / 22.10.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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