Fameed Khalique introduces Kyle Bunting, the Extraordinary in Hide

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    …a revelation in the trend for statement rugs

    Fameed Khalique, the expert in innovative and inspiring surface materials for the interior design industry introduces a ground-breaking collection from Kyle Bunting, redefining how hide is used in interior applications and adding an entirely new dimension to the trend for statement rugs. Khalique brings the company renowned for their luxury collection of decorative hide floor and wall-coverings, to the UK exclusively for the first time. Embracing the trend for rugs in bold colourways, high quality materials, interesting textures and patterns, Kyle Bunting rugs provide an objet d’art for the floor and wall, and a focal point for the room.

    Kyle Bunting hide rugs and wall-coverings are among the finest in the world; made with hair-on-hide leather, their luxurious texture and sterling design have attracted international attention and successfully bring an entirely distinctive look to the home. Kyle Bunting uses a pioneering technique for his hide creations where no stitching is used; instead hides are fused onto a rubber backing, ensuring a seamless and flawless look whilst being incredibly versatile.

    Daniel Fountain / 19.07.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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