Evoline® USB – Charger

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    So far it was necessary for all electronic devices such as mobile phones or digital cameras to have their own charger. Schulte & Loughborough present then EVOline® USB Charger, the perfect alternative to integrate a charger into furniture without all those adapters.The EVOline® USB Charger is the ideal all-in-one solution.

    For the first time, Schulte Elektrotechnik is introducing a USB – Power module with two USB Sockets for the installation in EVOline® Profiles.

    Whether it’s a mobile phone, PDA, MP3-Player or digital camera, every device has its own power supply. This results in a large collection of power supplies and cables. Newer technologies with energy cells implement the USB Socket as a charging port for their devices.

    Even now many devices are delivered with a micro-USB port and this will likely set the standard for future devices that require external energy supplies.

    This world class solution already prepares and enables companies and households for future applications.

    Technical data:
    Output current: 2 x 700 mA / 1 x 1.400 mA
    Primary voltage: 100 – 240 V AC. 50 Hz
    Secondary voltage: 5V DC
    Standby power: 0.3 W
    (Ekodesign Regulations ErP 2009/125/EWG)

    Daniel Fountain / 16.08.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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