Eco-Friendly Bamboo Service Trays

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    Bambienti unveil a range of room service trays which are hand-carved entirely out of Bamboo. They are designed for those seeking style that does not cost the Earth.

    Bambienti is a relatively new brand that is seeking to connect with those buyers who are looking to obtain ethically sourced, eco friendly products but are reluctant to pay a premium for such principles. These light weight trays are available to trade buyers in three colours, Dark Teak, Oak and White and are produced in two sizes, Medium (L 47cm x D 36cm x H 6cm) and Large (L 59cm x D 44cm x H6cm.)

    The handles of the tray are hand carved with generously sized apertures to ensure it is easy to carry.

    Bamboo has previously and wrongly been perceived as being too weak for serious interiors projects, however with a high bearing capacity and tensile strength comparable to steel this ancient material has impressive credentials as a viable and long-term alternative to diminishing sustainable hardwood resources. They include the following:

    Bamboo offers support to a planet with increasing amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere. It releases more oxygen than the equivalent number of conventional trees, as much as 35% in some cases. It is also capable of removing as much as 12 tons of carbon dioxide from the air per hectare (10,000 m2).

    Bamboo grows incredibly quickly, as much as a metre a day. To compare lifecycles, Rubberwood takes about 25 years to reach felling maturity, Oak takes up to 120 years. Yet Bamboo takes just 2-7 years.

    Natural sustainability is one of the most significant advantages Bamboo offers over conventional timber. When a conventional tree is cut down it is gone forever, in contrast Bamboo requires no replanting after harvesting. This is because it has an extensive net-like root system that keeps sending up new shoots.

    The underlying principle behind the Bambienti brand is that their efforts should not simply stop at the point of sourcing a green material. Rather that any effort to improve long-term sustainability for the planet is dependent upon the success brands have in enabling communities who continue to live off of their land access to sustainable materials and methods.

    Those communities who have suffered land degradation due to uncontrolled or illegal timber logging have in Bamboo a material that can offer some much needed respite for two reasons.

    Firstly Bamboo is a viable alternate that can limit our dependence upon already limited conventional timber resources.

    Secondly, unlike with conventional trees the root structure of Bamboo can develop within the top soil of degraded land, the culms (Bamboo poles) tend to grow rapidly, cover land very quickly and prevent soil run-off and produce considerable biomass.

    Bambienti’s choice of Bamboo is also based upon creative principles. As a material Bamboo is proving to be very adaptable and offers solutions to almost any design objective.

    Daniel Fountain / 26.11.2010

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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