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    One of the world’s most luxurious five-star properties, Wynn Las Vegas, unveiled a brand new chic wine lounge called La Cave last month which was designed by Chicago-based design and fabrication firm, 555 International. The designers created the 4,000 square foot, 120 seat wine bar to allow guests to enjoy three distinct environments which are broken down by The Cave, Main Dining Room and Garden Room.Guests visiting La Cave will notice the beautiful wood marquetry inlay panels that meticulously feature its engraved logo, surrounding the “cave-like” revolving door entryway made up entirely of glass. Serving as the inspiration to its name, once visitors step inside, they will be greeted by the first room appropriately called The Cave which features cobblewood flooring in oak with a detailed ribbon inlay, low vaulted plaster ceilings, and a large sign which hangs over the center tables made up of red LED lights that reads, “In Vino Veritas” (Latin for “In Wine [There Is The] Truth).

    The furniture inside The Cave features custom made chairs and tables with brass legs, along with four wood arch details placed over the bars, the opening to the kitchen, and decanting station that include festive Latin phrases celebrating food, wine and the arts engraved into the wood. The back bar inside The Cave is made up of reflective tiles with LED lights shining on it for a desired visual effect. A prominent eyebrow arched steel metal gate which also features Latin phrases offers guests the opportunity to feel like they’ve stepped inside an exclusive wine cellar in Tuscany, allowing one to peek into the next space which makes up the Main Dining Room.

    In this open space, the eye is immediately drawn to the dark red wall on the left which is made up of burlap and also features a large rectangular mirror and flat screen television. Custom made lanterns adorn the ceilings with ivory candles that provide muted lighting. Two large, masculine wine rooms provide a bookmark on the left and right hand side of the center bar which features a herringbone walnut pattern offering an asymmetrical detail, against a back bar that features the La Cave logo engraved. The Main Dining Room floor features cement tile, along with custom made walnut tables and chairs. A clever decanting station is also available in this space which features a prominent rectangular walnut table perched on top two large wine barrels which is specifically set up for intimate wine tastings and special events.

    The third space that provides another unique wine experience inside La Cave is the Garden Room which was designed to mimic an oversized living room, featuring mix and match custom made chairs and tables that allow guests to unwind and enjoy a glass of wine, charcuterie or cheese. The walls in this room are made entirely of burlap and open up to the other spaces, with the main wall lined with plants to create a “green” environment, over a long sofa that adds a dramatic effect. The carved teaked ceilings, which also hang custom made lanterns, contrast the neutral concrete floor which is softened by the addition of area rugs.

    La Cave, which is located just off the casino floor adjacent to the Wynn pool, features a wide range of wines from around the world, as well as artisanal beers and hand crafted cocktails. In addition to its extensive drink menu, the wine lounge also features house-made charcuteries, international and domestic cheeses, grilled tapas and decadent desserts.

    Daniel Fountain / 20.01.2011

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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