Company Profile of NaturalMat: From hotel bed to flower bed

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    Sometimes companies can start by accident. It was an accident of location (Odhams Wharf, Topsham outside Exeter) and history that birthed Naturalmat. Berthed next to the shipyard in his houseboat one of the directors was forced to mull over the nature of mattresses for boats. The company started making custom mattresses for yachts, and realised the quality had to be very high but the sizes were not only non standard but frequently the mattresses had to be shaped to fit the sleeping berths. The two directors, Peter Tindall and Mark Tremlett embarked on a programme of research to find the best materials to make mattresses from – mattresses that had to be pest proof, of any shape or size and fire retardant.At about the same time a personal quest started to find a hypoallergenic baby mattress. One without chemicals, plastics or other potentially damaging materials for a new child. The research was thorough – trips to the East to sort out the best type of coir, sourcing local wool and finding the right collaborators to manufacture locally- even research into wrapping materials to satisfy a personal passion the two had developed in their search to make sure everything in the process was organic. Consciously too they sourced as local as possible to enhance their growing list of green credentials.

    Daniel Fountain / 18.11.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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