Coloured Veneers from Freed Veneers

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    Freed Veneers, established for over 35 years in the wood business, has been at the forefront in bringing the newest and highest quality wood products to the industry.Through our state of the art factory in Valencia Spain, we bring our newest and most exciting range of coloured veneers. Using the most technologically advanced dying tanks and with our own in house chemists and laboratory, we are able to produce large quantities whilst maintaining the highest possible standard.

    For designers and architects worldwide this is a product that cannot be missed. From early concepts you can work directly alongside the customer in picking their own colour patterns. We work with a wide range of different veneers that can be formulated into any and every colour imaginable.

    We are offering an exciting development in the wood veneer world where products of natural beauty can be customised to follow any colour scheme be it in an aeroplane, hotel, car, boat or residential project.

    For further information including sample catalogue contact us on 01525 217777 or

    Daniel Fountain / 03.04.2013

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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