Bright botanical carpets for the Royal Berkshire hotel

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    An array of eye-catching bespoke carpets from Lano Flooring Solutions now covers just under 800m2 of the prestigious Royal Berkshire hotel in Ascot, adding vibrant style to what was once the family home of relatives of Sir Winston Churchill.Devised by Monia Allegretti, Italian architect and interior designer for the Exclusive Hotels group, the new Walk of Fame axminster carpets showcase the diverse design capability of Lano Flooring Solutions and add distinct character to individual locations within the Royal Berkshire.

    A damask design in a mix of mauve and yellow covers 200m2 of the main ground floor corridor and staircase, with a coordinating 12m2 rug specially made for the reception area. 230m2 of carpet in a rich shade of brown adorns the main bar and lounge, featuring a contemporary floral pattern with large petals and clusters of colour centred in the middle of each flower. This striking design places a modern spin on traditional flowery carpets. An abstract botanical vine leaf motif in shades of yellow and green covers 80m2 of the meeting room corridors, and 250m2 of carpet with a geometric circular design in different colours can be found in all five of the hotel’s meeting rooms, offering a coordinated yet individual look. A striking yellow and green carpet also bridges the area between the reception and the WC.

    As Monia Allegretti explains, “our hotels are defined by bright, bold interior decoration contrasted with traditional, period exterior architecture. The Royal Berkshire is no exception; originally built for the Churchill family, my main focus when designing the carpets was to ensure that they reflected the hotel’s diverse heritage but also injected something fresh and new. Each carpet design also aims to bring the beauty of the hotel’s surrounding gardens inside the building.

    “I approached the team at Lano Flooring Solutions because no matter how complex my ideas, they always deliver brilliant results. For this project, they offered the highest levels of service and design flexibility, and were extremely accommodating for both the larger quantities of carpet as well as the smaller areas. We are very pleased with the final look and have plans to work with Lano Flooring Solutions again to create carpet for further areas of the hotel.”

    Lano Flooring Solutions offered an unprecedented service to the Royal Berkshire, meeting the demands for several different designs. In the meeting rooms, for example, each carpet is the same bespoke design but in different colourways to allow for ultimate design freedom.

    10 row three-ply Axminster carpets in an 80% wool and 20% nylon construction were used in the public and corridor areas for durability, with a nine-row construction used for the meeting rooms.

    For further information on all Lano carpet ranges, freephone 00800 5266 5266 or visit

    Daniel Fountain / 20.11.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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