A New Jewel of the Mexican Caribbean

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    El Taj Oceanfront, the five star luxury condo hotel that opened its doors this spring in Playa del Carmen, right on the stunning Mexican Caribbean coast, is known for its smooth, soft curves and natural materials. A month later, the hotel welcomed a new chic Indigo Beach Club and Restaurant that repeated the tradition of white curves and Bali-inspired details, and now competes with the Playa’s long time favorite, Mamita’s Beach Club. A well-known Mexican architect and a famous Italian restaurateur are behind the project.Sergio Segura (architect) designed the whole El Taj Oceanfront condo hotel, including the Beach Club and Andrea Bastogi (restaurateur) opened Indigo Beach Club and Restaurant. Renowned experts in their fields, the two men were able to create a visually pleasing, elegant Beach Club that blends with the style of the hotel and also with the natural beach setting, by utilizing tropical, Bali-inspired, light-colored décor that is playfully embellished with different-colored glasses and pillows.

    While working on the project, Segura used an architectural style based on soft curves that give a feeling of smoothness and comfort. White curves of El Taj Oceanfront elegantly match with thatched natural rooftops, water fountains and lush vegetation. Bali-inspired exterior and interior elements add to the sense of a lush, comforting tropical paradise. His objective was to create a building that blends in with the pace, façade, culture and flavors of the Riviera Maya where it’s located by using local materials, such as wood, stone, palm tree roofs, and a lot of wild vegetation, by adjusting to the warm Caribbean climate and its beachfront location, and by taking into consideration the construction style that was always traditionally used in this town before it developed into a lively international beach community that sometimes is not shy to comply with the dictatorship of the international architectural fashion.

    Bastogi, the Italian restaurateur, has a passion to be constantly on the move, creating innovative projects and watching Playa del Carmen develop into a fashionable, sophisticated destination, while still preserving its natural charm of a fishing village.

    British Airways will start operating direct flights to Cancun staring on November 3, 2010, enabling easy access to this part of Mexico and Playa del Carmen, where the hotel is located, is 45 minutes down the Caribbean coast from Cancun.

    Image credit: Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen

    Daniel Fountain / 30.06.2010

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