A Bavarian Beauty: Hilton Munich Park

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    Nestled in the heart of Bavaria within the vibrant Englischer Garten, the Hilton Munich Park has recently been renovated by JOI-Design to have a style that draws upon its idyllic setting along the banks of the Eisbach Creek. Previously disjointed and lacklustre spaces have been transformed into ones with a cohesive and sophisticated design that is woven into the lush greenery and rippling streams of the surroundings to provide a calming retreat for both business and leisure guests.In the lobby, a cosier “human” scale with options for socialising and degrees of privacy was introduced. Prior to the renovation, the area’s scattered furniture and open-plan, double-height volume resulted in a vast yet cluttered feeling. The designers have eliminated this through the creation of “zoned” layouts.

    Anodized metal balustrades in varying heights separate the seating from the traffic flow to turn the atmosphere into a cosy “living room”. In the lounge’s centre, a sinuous “S-shaped” sofa further breaks up the area into more intimate groupings, while barstools at café tables near the pastry counter are suitable for a quick coffee. The existing reception desk was split into two halves to disperse guests within the space; overhead, a smoked oak panel inset with horizontal light strips creates a focal point, closing off the once exposed conference level and lowering the volume of the space below to make it more inviting. In addition, the designers worked with a lighting designer to form a central light sculpture made from assorted lengths of glowing fibre optic flower petals that hang from the coved ceiling.

    Eye-catching accents have been added to spark guests’ imaginations. On the staircase landing, flower petals coated in champagne coloured anodized aluminium are enclosed in a rectangular timber frame backlit by LEDs to form an intriguing art installation. Throughout the lobby, glass and mirrored panels etched with three overlapping patterns of gilded tree branches disperse layered shadows of twigs. This motif is echoed in the metal screens that encircle the lobby, dressing-up shop windows to give them a warmer appeal and framing the entry into People’s Bar in a way that draws guests into the space.

    Inspired by garden hedges, these trellises allow travellers resting in the bar to “see and be seen” while also providing a sense of shelter from the large lobby.

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    Daniel Fountain / 01.11.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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