Decoratif Design: Mirror Ideas

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    Decoratif Design have seen growth in our designer friends using two or even three mirrors where one would do in the past.

    This creates a great effect and here are some stunning mirrors we bring in from America by way of an example. Bamboo Curl Mirror

    This design is inspired by the unique appearance of bamboo; it’s very unique and set in pairs it looks fantastic, as you can see.

    Cavallini Mirror

    Sold as a single or a pair or a three these wonderful stylish mirrors add a touch of class and style to any room.

    Curved Diamond Mirror

    This mirror is sold as a one off or as a group, which as you can see from the picture creates a fantastic effect.

    Ginosa Mirror

    Each Segment is hand beveled and come as a pair or as three or four etc.

    Tall Arched Metal Frame Mirror

    Very large Metal frame arched mirror, with distressed mirror glass, fantastc in a grand conservatory for example.

    All mirrors are designed for the US market and imported to order by Decoratif Design.

    Daniel Fountain / 31.10.2012

    Editor, Hotel Designs


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