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Hyatt announces plans for its debut hotel in Cyprus

730 565 Hamish Kilburn
Hyatt announces plans for its debut hotel in Cyprus

Grand Hyatt Limassol, set to open in Cyprus in 2025, will mark a significant milestone for Hyatt’s growth in Europe…

Weeks after IHG announced its arrival on the island, Hyatt has also announced that the group has entered into a management agreement to open the first Hyatt hotel in Cyprus.

With a design and architecture team yet to be assembled, the 300-room luxury resort is expected to open in 2025 and signifies Hyatt’s continued growth into Europe’s leading travel destinations.

The new-build beachfront resort will be situated at a Blue Flag beach east of Limassol, one of the island’s most cosmopolitan cities. With a prime beachfront location on the southern coast of the island and 300 bold, light-filled rooms offering sea views, Grand Hyatt Limassol will be a captivating destination within a destination featuring a stunning 43,000-square-foot (4,000 square meter) beach club including premium spa and fitness facilities as well as an indoor pool and two outdoor pools.

The resort will additionally offer five elevated food and beverage concepts as well as 15,000 square feet (1,400 square meters) of event space. Furthermore, Grand Hyatt Limassol will be a key element of Zaria Resort, a mixed-use luxury development, comprised of residential apartments and private villas totalling more than 861,100 square feet (80,000 square meters).

“We’re delighted to work with Anolia Holdings Limited to bring the Grand Hyatt brand, known for its access to iconic locales, to the island of Cyprus, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe,” said Takuya Aoyama, vice president development for Europe and Africa, Hyatt. “Grand Hyatt Limassol represents a key element of our growth strategy in Europe as we continue to seek opportunities to extend our resort footprint in the Mediterranean.”

Arriving guests will drive past the lush greenery of the hotel’s 150,000-square-foot (14,000-square-meter) public garden and promenades and enjoy a spectacular view of the Mediterranean. The resort promises to be a celebration of all the exquisite details of Cypriot culture, offering guests a stay beyond the ordinary through magnificent moments of more and superior service.

“We are thrilled to team-up with Hyatt on this development,” said Alexander Iakovlev, director of Anolia Holdings “The Grand Hyatt brand is synonymous with luxury and creating unique experiences for guests which remain authentic to the destination itself. In addition, given Limassol’s status as a financial capital of Cyprus, the hotel will not only attract leisure guests but may also prove popular for business travelers, conference-goers and event attendees. We are eager to see Grand Hyatt Limassol become the heart of the Zaria Resort development.”

The announcement of Grand Hyatt Limassol follows a significant expansion in Hyatt’s brand footprint in Europe over the last 12 months. Nine new hotels including Great Scotland Yard, Hyatt Centric Dublin, Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere, Hyatt Regency Chantilly and more opened in the region in 2019, with four more additions in Barcelona, Manchester and Frankfurt this year.

These plans for a hotel in Cyprus represent a key opportunity in Europe as it builds upon Hyatt’s existing and upcoming portfolio in Malta, Athens Thessaloniki and Izmir. The island has furthermore proven to attract travellers from Hyatt’s key strategic markets including the UK, Russia, Greece, Germany and the Middle East.

Main image credit: Hyatt

Navigating around Signbox’s headquarters

800 398 Hamish Kilburn

Hotel Designs editor Hamish Kilburn popped in to Signbox’s HQ in Surrey, England, to investigate how quality navigating tools are made…

At first, I wasn’t sure whether I was in Signbox’s reception or whether I was in a luxury hotel lobby. Walking through the door, I immediately recognised some of the commercial signs on the walls that I had previously seen in a number of high-end international hotels. It was while sitting in the reception I realised – probably the for the first time if I’m to be honest – just how visual signage in public spaces has to be. What once was a two-dimensional instruction has now transformed into an extension of the interior design of a space itself – not the mention the accuracy in order to comply with the constantly evolving health and safety laws.

I say this because good-quality signs in hotels should not stand out as bulky objects dictating directions. Instead, they should seamlessly blend in to provide a user-friendly and natural navigation through the public spaces and beyond into the guestrooms and suites.

I deliberately targeted my visit to the headquarters of Signbox to be during the middle of their next big project. The brief was to design and produce all the signage for a new luxury five-star hotel in Cyprus. Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Limassol is planned to open next spring inside a 1960s exterior shell. In order to complete a modern look and feel, opening up the hotel was a must for the architects and interior designers. This required quality signs around the enlarged resort. All of a sudden, an opportunity opened itself up for Signbox to design, manufacture and install all the modern signs for the very modern hotel.

Public area signs at Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Limassol

Image caption: Public area signs at Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Limassol

The first task for the sign experts was to sign off the artwork and designs of a total of 70 external signs and 822 internal signs, just six months after being hired by the client. The inspiration behind the product in this hotel came from the ‘60s, the ‘70s and today. A group of talented graphic designers sit upstairs away from the heavy machinery designing and perfecting fonts (in both English and Greek), styles and icons.

“Signbox designed, manufactured and installed the most iconic sign in the UK.”

Once this was signed off in May, the company began the manufacturing process, which consists of cutting and printing the final designs onto glass signs made of as well as other materials. “Glass, in particular, is becoming a more popular choice for clients for a number of reasons,” explains managing director Mark Bartlett. “Firstly, it’s sustainable, which is a big draw. Glass is also easy to clean and looks modern. Finally, glass actually has the same consistency in thickness from end to end. Other materials, such as acrylic or timber is not as easy to work with during the printing process because its not the same consistency throughout.

Public area signs at Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Limassol

Image caption: Public area signs at Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Limassol

As well as fitting out large-scale projects like the hotel in Cyprus, Signbox also has an E-shop which sells standardised products such as funky toilet signs.

Black and white factory printing machine

The company doesn’t only work across hotels. In fact, Signbox designed, manufactured and installed the most iconic sign in the UK. The revolving tri-sided New Scotland Yard sign still stands today as one of the company’s biggest challenges. The sign that weighs more than a mini cooper was required to include LED illumination. “This was a challenge because we had to create a system that illuminated whilst revolving,” explains Mark. “We literally had the sign set up in the factory to work out a way around this.”  Another issue came with all the media attention that New Scotland Yard attracts. The sign had to revolve no more or no less than 7.9 rotations per minute. Any faster or slower would distort the TV cameras and create blurring on the TV screen. It also had to be silent.

From my short and sweet visit, Signbox has shown me that signs are an extension of design – and should be carefully considered and relevant to the overall aim of the design.

The project itself is now in full swing, and Hotel Designs will catch up with the team once the hotel has officially rut the ribbon.

Signbox are one of our recommended suppliers. To keep up to date with their news, click here. And, if you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, click here.

Parklane Resort - Limassol, Cyprus

Parklane Luxury Collection Resort & Spa to open in Limassol, Cyprus

1000 604 Daniel Fountain

Work is currently underway on the new Parklane Luxury Collection Resort & Spa which will replace the Le Meridien in Limassol.

Following the demands of Roman Nikitin, the major stakeholder in Emerald Coast Properties (75% owner of the hotel), renovation work on the existing hotel will be from the ground up. The project has been designed by Harrods Design Studio and is estimated to cost €70 million (£58 million), and expects to open its doors to guests towards at the end of 2017.

The hotel is being built on 100.000m² of sea front property, and will consist of 53 suites, each with its own private swimming pool and 222 luxurious rooms.

The hotel will also house a 2000m² conference centre with a ballroom, ten restaurants, and bars, three outdoor swimming pools, one of which will be filled with sea water, a spa with suites for Russian baths, children’s playground with a lake as well as a children’s restaurant.

Parklane Luxury Collection Resort & Spa is a member of the Luxury Collection, of the international chain belonging to Starwood Hotels & Resorts (Marriot International). According to Costas Tseriotis, CEO of L’Union Nationale (Tourism and Sea Resorts) Limited, the hotel will turn to traditional touristic markets such as England, Russia, and the Middle East.

It is also believed that the hotel will benefit from the regular 60 million customers of the Marriot International chain, who receive coupons which they can redeem for holidays among the chains 5,500 hotels around the world.

“Our vision is to create the top luxury tourist resort in Cyprus based on international standards, where guests will love to spend the summer, experience personalised attentive service and enjoy fine gastronomic experiences,” said Tseriotis.