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The Lowry Hotel, Manchester, unveils images of new presidential suite

730 565 Hamish Kilburn
The Lowry Hotel, Manchester, unveils images of new presidential suite

The £700,000 renovation of the luxury hotel, The Lowry in Manchester, was led by The Brit List award-winning design firm Goddard Littlefair…

Amidst the increase in luxury hotel development in Manchester, The Lowry Hotel is upping the ‘luxury stakes’ once again by unveiling the first look at its newly renovated Presidential Suite, designed by Goddard Littlefair and the largest both currently available or planned in the city.

The renovations totalled £700,000 and include a complete reconfiguration and redesign of the space, an enlarged dressing room and a new bespoke marble bathroom. The suite also includes a fully equipped kitchen, large bathroom with a double steam shower and free-standing bath, super king size bedroom, a walk-in dressing room and lounge plus a dining room for up to eight people. There is also an additional second bedroom and with adjoining bathroom.

Image of stylish, modern guestroom. Geometric headboard and views over Manchester

Image credit: Gareth Gardner

The floor-to-ceiling windows offer views across the river Irwell and Manchester’s skyline, and the room also comes with a mini grand piano, two in-room bars, two smart TVs and an Amazon Alexa. As well as complimentary valet, luggage management, personalised welcome drinks and in-suite check in, guests can take advantage of a butler, on-site hairdresser, endless beauty treatments, Tesla hire, private chef or personal trainer whilst staying in the luxury suite.

“We drew inspiration from Manchester’s industrial history and in particular from cotton, weaving and the city’s industrial forms, geometry and heritage.” – Goddard Littlefair

Renowned interior designers Goddard Littlefair, Interior Designers of the suite, commented on the inspiration behind the design: “‘This was a special and prestigious project for us, showcasing the first of our new designs for The Lowry Hotel. We drew inspiration from Manchester’s industrial history and in particular from cotton, weaving and the city’s industrial forms, geometry and heritage, including the shape of Trinity Bridge over the River Irwell, directly outside the hotel. We were also inspired by Lowry’s own colour palette, as the artist famously kept to a base palette of only five colours, mixing them to achieve tonal shades that nonetheless stayed within a distinctive overall range.

Marble-lined shower area plus freestanding bath

Image credit: Gareth Gardner

“The new design has a residential feel, with light and bright tonal colours used for the walls, curtains and carpets, offset by darker joinery, geometric-patterned fabrics used for cushions and curtain trims for added visual interest. Colours range from rich bronzes and burnt oranges to off-whites and textured blue-greys. Special joinery features include four sets of double screens around the living and dining areas to help zone the space and a bespoke dining table for eight with a feature veneer inset pattern.

“The bedrooms and bathrooms feature timber slatted walls, which mirror on the opposite wall, whilst the bathroom also has feature walls in luxurious, richly-veined marble. The main bedroom features a bespoke, contemporary version of a four-poster bed, in a room where the colours become softer, more muted and restful. The stunning dressing room, with a large, anthracite velvet ottoman at its centre, is dominated by a tiered feature light, made of threads and inspired by Manchester’s cotton production history.”

Soft interior decor. Geometric wall partitions within the suite and a baby grand piano on the right.

Image credit: Gareth Gardner

In homage to the hotel’s namesake, L.S Lowry, a selection of art has also been chosen for the room by ARTIQ. Kate Terres, Head of Operations at ARTIQ, commented: “The collection at the Lowry presented an exciting opportunity for us, because it is rare for hotels to be named after celebrated artists.  In curating the collection with Goddard Littlefair, ARTIQ pulled specifically on L.S. Lowry’s recognisable palette of charcoals and dark reds against pale smoky backdrops. Alongside these distinctive tonal elements, the curation draws on the shapes evoked by Manchester’s solid industrial architecture of the twentieth and twenty-first century – examples of which can be viewed from the Presidential Suite – as well as heavily abstracted figures that draw on Lowry’s matchstick figures.

“The collection is comprised of painting, sculpture, photography and print, with an emphasis on varied and rich textures that range from highly polished stainless steel – representing the industrial subject – to thickly modelled paintings incorporating found elements. Examples of large format photography depicting an abstracted industrial narrative contrast with the delicacy of the works by artist Kelly M. O’Brien. Kelly’s mixed-media practice involves burning paper and layering with inserts of gold leaf and, for The Presidential Suite, focuses on a linear radiating pattern that recalls the bridge architecture viewed from the window as well as playing with a high/low contrast of material. Also in the collection is work by artist Laetitia Rouget, whose playful series focuses on simplistic line drawings of the human in thickly pulled paint – a modern interpretation of Lowry’s matchstick men.”

 The luxury Lowry Hotel also boasts six Riverside suites, an additional 164 guestrooms, a spa, bar and The River Restaurant.

Main image credit: Gareth Gardner




ARTIQ moves into new era of experiential art

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Art consultants ARTIQ, which is among the leading brands at the forefront of the way art is used and communicated in the commercial work, have launched a new artist residency offer for their hospitality clients…

ARTIQ has launched its first residency, a private-audience-only event programme with hospitality company Ennismore. Called Tea Sessions, the programme takes the form of an exclusive series of artist performances by the Ukrainian-born, London-based painter, Olha Pryymak, at London’s Ennismore Sessions House, a Grade II-listed, Palladian-style development.

Olha Pryymak explains the residency event to guests

Olha Pryymak explains the residency event to guests

With a number of Pryymak’s works also on show in the space, the ‘tea session’ performances, for selected guests, are based on the artist’s fascination with ancient folk medicine and were inspired by her research trips to rural Latvia, as well as by her family’s origins as herbalists. Residency participants will have the opportunity to experience a subversive take on the traditional afternoon tea, joining Pryymak for an intimate exploration on the themes of dialogue, memory and wellness.

Patrick McCrae, CEO at ARTIQ, said: “Our new artist residency offer meets both the heightened demand for experiential art by hotels and also enables hotels to create memorable, location-specific events that enhance their brand, deepen their association with their location and create an emotional resonance on the part of guests.

“For a hotel’s marketing team, the residencies provide date-specific calendar attractions for guests and an interesting reason for staying in touch.”

Winner and runner-up of Graduate Art Prize 2018 are crowned

Hamish Kilburn
As Hotel Designs continues to focus this month’s spotlight on art and photography, editor Hamish Kilburn joined the 23 talented shortlisted BA & MA students of  The Graduate Art Prize 2018, who gathered at the London offices of Herbert Smith Freehills on November 1, to find out which one of them would take the crown of being the winner of…

Concluding this year’s nationwide search to find Britain’s top young artists, 23 shortlisted students -from Brighton to Newcastle – were invited to last night’s final of the Graduate Art Prize 2018. Launched in 2012 by art consultants ARTIQ, the awards ceremony, which this year was sponsored by Herbert Smith Freehills and Atlantis Art Supplies, is recognised as a major platform for young artists to amplify their work to leading designers and hoteliers in Britain and beyond.

The evening showcased the variety of different art styles, motifs and concepts from each of the 23 finalists before the crowd gathered to hear the announcement to reveal who this year’s publicly voted for runner-up and cash-prize winner was.

Runner-up, and claiming a £500 voucher for supplies from Atlantis Art Supplies, was Felicity Meachem from University of Brighton for her oil on canvas piece entitled ‘Im alright, hiding tonight’. “I’m delighted and overwhelmed to be the first person to receive the runners up prize,” said Meachem on the night. “As well as the voucher, the chance to sign with ARTIQ will be an invaluable experience. These kind of opportunities such as The Graduate Art Prize are so important in order for artists to have viable careers. I feel that this is such a crucial time for artists, where I am right now, still fresh out of Art School. Therefore, I have no doubt that this platform will help elevate me into the art world.”

The winner of The Graduate Art Prize 2018, who wins £2,000 and a £500 voucher for supplies from Atlantis Art Supplies, was Theo Bargiotas from University of Oxford who flew in from New Orleans for the event. His oil on canvas entitled ‘Untitled’ was inspired by an abstract dream. Speaking ahead of the evening , Bargiotas said: “I try to capture that dream moment that most people suspect exists, but are not sure how to immortalize and portray. This is a crucial mission for the painter today; trying to detect the sublime and spiritual in everyday gestures and circumstances, probing the dark side of the moon, and showing it to humanity in the form of a picture, a painting.”

Commenting on his win, Bargiotas said: “It is truly a pleasure to be a part of the Artiq Graduate Art Prize. Winning the prize has functioned as a vehicle to communicate my cosmology to an audience outside of the strictly academic world, which is a necessary process for artist and audience. Organisations like Artiq provide this bridge between the introverted word of image-making and the hungry eyes of image appreciators and for this I am grateful.

“There is an extra degree of satisfaction for me, when I think about my work being showcased in corporate environments, providing a much needed optical refreshment for many pairs of eyes every day.

“All in all, winning a prize is of course enjoyable but the most significant aspect is that the work gets seen. The bigger the prize, the greater the audience, and this is what pleases me.”

Image caption: Theo Bargiotas' Untitled

Image caption: Theo Bargiotas’ Untitled

Among the artists Hotel Designs recognised as relevant for the contract market was Demi Bromfield from Lancaster University. Her piece entitled ‘Handmade Persi’. Describing her work, Bromfield said: “Manipulating the notion of haptic criticism, the paintings create an ambivalent illusion of texture and façade, sometimes harnessing elements of raised surfaces whilst in others remaining entirely flat.”

Image caption: Demi Bromfield entitled Handmade Persi

Image caption: Demi Bromfield entitled Handmade Persi

The shortlisted finalists, who each have been invited as ARTIQ artists, were:

Ahae Kim (Slade School of Fine Art)
Alexander Fox-Robinson (Carmarthen School of Art)
Amir Behbahani (University of West London)
Andrei Costahe (Slade School of Fine Art)
Andrew Loggie (City of Guilds of London Art School)
Camila Quintero (Camerwell College of Arts)
Demi Bromfield (Lancaster University)
Felicity MeachEm (University of Brighton)
Hannah Regal (Slade School of Fine Art)
Isabel Mills (Newcastle University)
Jiarui Li (Royal College of Art)
Judy McKenzie (Royal College of Art)
Kaethe Butcher (Camberwell College of Arts)
Liqing Tan (Slade School of Fine Art)
Maximilian Wasinski (Slade School of Fine Art)
Min Zhao (Slade School of Fine Art)
Oliver Hoffmeister (Newcastle University)
Phillip Reeves (Goldsmiths)
Qiujun Chen (Camberwell College of Arts)
Radek Husak (Royal College of Arts)
Samson Edward Tudor (Loughborough University)
Sooyoung Chung (Royal College of Art)
Theadoros Barigiotas (University of Oxford)
William Stockwell (Newcastle University)

Hotel Designs is proud to support ARTIQ as it continues to recognise and celebrate fresh artistic talent. The Graduate Art Prize comes ahead of this year’s highly anticipated Brit List 2018, taking place on November 22 at BEAT London, which will name the top 75 most influential designers, hoteliers and architects in Britain.

Main image credit: Felicity Meachem, I’m alright, hiding tonight. 

ARTIQ and Anita Rosato Interior Design curate zoological collection for London Marriott Hotel Regents Park

1024 683 Katy Phillips

Project is the third ARTIQ has completed with Anita Rosato Interior Design and Marriott.

Art consultants ARTIQ have worked with Anita Rosato Interior Design on the curation of a location-specific art collection for London Marriott Hotel Regents Park, based on a zoological theme.

The project is part of the hotel’s multi-million pound renovation scheme and represents the third ARTIQ has completed with Anita Rosato Interior Design and Marriott, following previous collaborations on both London Heathrow Marriott hotel and London Marriott Hotel Maida Vale.

For the Regents Park, ARTIQ worked with the overall project team, which also included Tower Eight, Benjamin West and the hotel operating team, to develop a new and bespoke art collection that would complement the hotel’s high-end redesign, as well as reflecting the hotel’s proximity to Regent’s Park, ZSL London Zoo and to the former villages that make up the wider area.

The full redesign remit covered the lobby, executive lounge, meetings and events spaces, as well as new and existing bedrooms, with ARTIQ’s area of work concentrated on the guestrooms, linking corridors and lift lobbies.

For the latter, ARTIQ, under the direction of Head of Operations Katie Terres, says it drew inspiration from the natural surroundings of Regent’s Park and nearby Primrose Hill, procuring a series of botanical photographs that include reflections of the ‘Primrose Flower’.

ARTIQ also procured a series of original prints by local artists with zoological themes for the guestrooms, including work by local artists Nadia Taylor and Joanna Ham, both of whom had been initially selected for the project by Anita Rosato Interior Design.

“On Anita’s recommendation, we commissioned Nadia to create new interpretations of her iconic bird collages, working with the artist to develop the pieces of art using bespoke colour schemes to complement the interiors,” said Terres.

Work by artist and illustrator Joanna Ham is focused around animal motifs, with the character ‘Rabbit’ taking centre stage in her minimalist aesthetic. Joanna is the founder of London design house HAM and is a significant figure in the local contemporary art and design scene, having collaborated with brands including Liberty, Designjunction, Mother, Billy Name, Topshop and Colette.

“Joanna’s work tallies with the hotel’s commitment to local artists and adds a contemporary splash of monochrome to the bedroom design,” Terres explained.

Additionally, ARTIQ directly commissioned Tropicana, by London-based painter and illustrator Margaux Carpentier, whose previous works include murals for ZSL London Zoo. The piece is a vibrant, playful depiction of tropical animals, with Margaux’s use of vivid orange in Tropicana complimenting the palette and orange detailing of the scheme’s interior by Anita Rosato Interior Design.

Anita Rosato Interior Design also created a sculpture for the guestroom art collection: a bespoke wire elephant sculpture, which ARTIQ then templated and commissioned for manufacture. The sculptures are intended to create a sense of fun and provide a playful focal point for guests.

General Manager, Tony Owen, said: “We recognise that modern traveller needs are constantly changing and the new refurbishment ensures that our offering falls in line with these demands.”