UNILIN Evola brings the perfect blue to KafKaf

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    UNILIN Evola brings the perfect blue to KafKaf

    UNILIN Panels, has helped to create an Instagrammable Parisian hotspot at KafKaf, a Middle Eastern inspired coffee bar with an interior by design studio Fairly…

    After just a few months of opening in the 11th district of Paris, KafKaf boasts an online community of some 15,000 followers and has become a favoured meeting place for the local community. UNILIN Evola decorative finishes have been used in a scheme created by studio Fairly, unusually developed before the bar’s location had been decided.

    Adeline Paty, co-founder of design studio Fairly, comments: “Even before the final site was determined, we had to develop the concept and select the materials and furniture. We had the opportunity to start at the very essence of the project without getting lost in site-specific challenges. This ultimately led to stronger and more radical design choices.

    “Whoever walks through KafKaf’s door has to feel like they’ve travelled to Tunisia without running into cliches and so used a few small, original Middle Eastern details in the interior. Everything also had to be connected – the colours of the coffee makers and other decorative accessories are in the same hues as the finishes. Terracotta-rose comes up in different places and surfaces and on the skirting boards and some chairs you’ll find black accents. The famous Majorelle blue, contrasting with the rest of the interior, gives the bar its unique identity.”

    The original colours and high-quality finish of UNILIN Evola HPL panels, notably in Persian Blue, captured the aesthetics of KafKaf and fitted with the sustainable goals of Fairly. Offering a finish that delivers impressive durability and low maintenance, UNILIN Evola is ideal for the busy café, with the décor’s matt finish to giving the colour an authentic richness.

    “Of course, the most important reason for choosing UNILIN Evola for the bar and counter was that perfect blue hue. It was precisely what we wanted.” continues Adeline Paty. “In addition, we always recommend solutions to our customers that have the smallest possible CO2 footprint. During a visit to UNILIN’s production site in Belgium, we were impressed by the company’s global, sustainable approach – particularly its use of recycled wood in panels. For a company called Fairly, this means something.”

    UNILIN is one of our recommended suppliers and regularly feature in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

    Main image credit: UNILIN

    Hamish Kilburn / 11.11.2020


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