Schlüter-Systems – revolutionising tile and paver installation

In the realm of tile and paver installation, Schlüter-Systems TROBA-LEVEL stackable supports have ignited a revolution…

Schlüter-Systems TROBA-LEVEL stackable support

These cutting-edge systems from Schlüter-Systems have earned widespread acclaim for their remarkable ability to simplify and refine the process of laying tiles and pavers on uneven surfaces, guaranteeing a level and stable finished product.

At the core of the TROBA-LEVEL system lies its ingenious stackable design, allowing for precise adjustments to accommodate variations in substrate levels. Whether contending with sloped surfaces, uneven concrete, or irregular ground, TROBA-LEVEL offers a versatile solution that ensures impeccable results every time.

detailed technical picture of Schlüter-Systems TROBA-LEVEL stackable support

Image credit: Schlüter-Systems

The capability to stack supports empowers installers to achieve optimal height and slope alignment, even in the most challenging environments. A standout feature of TROBA-LEVEL is its exceptional versatility. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, these supports cater to a broad spectrum of materials, including porcelain, ceramic, stone and concrete pavers. This versatility renders them an ideal choice for diverse projects, ranging from residential patios and balconies to commercial spaces and public walkways.

Installation of TROBA-LEVEL is straightforward and demands minimal tools and expertise. The supports are effortlessly positioned on the substrate at regular intervals, with height adjustments made as necessary using the integrated levelling system. Once in place, tiles or pavers are laid directly on the top of the supports, creating a stable and level surface without the need for supplementary adhesives or grout.

detailed technical picture of Schlüter-Systems TROBA-LEVEL stackable support

Image credit: Schlüter-Systems

Moreover, it offers multiple benefits to both installers and end-users. Their open design facilitates efficient drainage and ventilation, effectively preventing water damage and mould growth beneath the surface. This not only extends the lifespan of the tiles or pavers but also upholds a safe and hygienic environment. Additionally, TROBA-LEVEL boasts superior durability, crafted from top-quality materials that resist temperature extremes, UV radiation, and chemical exposure. This ensures long-lasting reliability, even in the most hostile climates or conditions. Consequently, projects completed with these supports entail minimal maintenance and are engineered to endure the test of time.

Schlüter-Systems TROBA-LEVEL stackable tile and paver supports signify a shift in the world of tile and paver installation. With their innovative design, versatility, effortless installation, and unwavering durability, they offer an exceptional solution for achieving level and stable surfaces in any setting. Whether embarking on a residential renovation or tackling a large-scale commercial endeavour, TROBA-LEVEL supports lay the groundwork for unparalleled success.

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Main image credit: Schlüter-Systems