Product watch: The Coastal Collection by Timage

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    Product watch: The Coastal Collection by Timage

    Hotel Designs takes a closer look at the the bulkhead lights in the Coastal Collection by Timage

    It may be no surprise to hear that the classic Timage range of bulkhead lights has been on the scene for decades.

    The brand has an enduring appeal and has been a dependable fitting across many markets for some 40 years. This is testament to a timeless Italian design that seems to fit in so many situations, whether indoors or outside in the worst that the sea air can throw at them. And that’s the Timage USP coming to the fore again: all our products are marine grade and have their design and engineering roots in the world of boat design.

    This is the reason for the bulkhead lights being grouped under the Coastal Collection of lights. In truth, it is many-a-year since this style of light was used on board a pleasure yacht. However, Timage saw that clients admired the aesthetics of lights made for yachts and readily appreciated the build quality, and so these lights came to be specified for non-marine applications. The nautical theme has remained a strong styling cue and hotels, restaurants, bars, homes and building approaches all seem to be adorned with these lights today.

    Whereas lights from the current Coastal Collection are still being fitted to cruise liners and even navy vessels where no compromise is tolerated, the brand has developed newer generations of lights for yachts. These new lights use the absolute latest engineering for peak LED performance and efficient low voltage battery power: essential criteria for the modern superyachts and workboats that we furnish on a daily basis. These, of course, are again highly suitable for low voltage installations on land-based projects or for recreational vehicles and motor homes.

    The bulkhead lights have not been forgotten in this ongoing development exercise. New shapes of lamp body and lenses are available. The classic look has carried the nautical theme of lens protection bars, showing an industrial style. This of course still makes sense for both resistance to knocks and for the aesthetic appeal. We now have what is regarded as a more contemporary style where the lens is more open without shielding the bulb. They give perhaps a cleaner look and can be mixed more freely with spotlights or other modern complimentary lights we offer. It is now an even wider range to satisfy the customer.

    The bulkhead lights are typically available in a choice of finishes and electrical specification. Normal options include conventional screw light bulb holders or LED modules. By choosing whether to have a clear or frosted lens, the look can further be varied by the type of feature light bulb you may prefer. The bodies of these lamps are mostly made from high pressure die-cast brass and their substantial weight is certainly one of their appeals. There is nothing flimsy about the construction of these lamps and that is what brings such longevity. In choosing the brass finish you equally have the opportunity to enjoy the patina and character that can develop over years of continued use. It is a chance to see the age develop within the environment, tempered by your desire to polish and restore the finish. For a brighter more stable look, the chrome plating option will fix the shine. Certain models are available in a wider choice of aluminium, bronze or nickel and note that for special orders, we can do custom plating for other finishes such as antiqued bronze or brushed brass.

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    Hamish Kilburn / 14.09.2020


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