Product watch: Sogni by Gessi

Incorporating light and colour into wellness, Gessi introduces new dimensions into the bathroom experience with the multifunctional Sogni showerhead…

bathroom and shower installation featuring Sogni by Gessi

The Gessi brand has become synonymous with wellbeing and quality living in all types of environments, from hotels to spas, from yachts to private homes. Gessi creations allow the enjoyment of private spaces to become sanctuaries of private wellness, places to re-establish contact with oneself. The introduction of light and colour in the Sogni collection brings a sense of private wellness to everyday life, enhancing  the concept of water as a means of wellbeing.

close up of Gessi Sogni shower with vertical light

Image credit: Gessi

With a play of reflection and refraction of LEDs, glass and mirrors, the multifunctional SOGNI showerhead offers a trick of perspectives that endlessly multiplies the vertical vision. Water, light and colour stimulate the senses and create an almost transcendental end result. Three water jets, rain, cascade and refreshing mist, and the customisable colour therapy, make it possible to create ever-changing atmospheres, from the most energising to the most relaxing. The introduction of light and colour increase the wellness benefit by contributing to rebalance emotional disharmonies affecting the psyche and body.

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Main image credit: Gessi