Product watch: Sensor bathroom taps from Gessi

    Image of large coppy basin and touchless taps
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    Product watch: Sensor bathroom taps from Gessi

    High technology meets the elegance of touchless design. The iconic and renowned Rettangolo, Inciso, Rilievo, Goccia, Anello & Ingranaggio and the sparkling Gessi 316 challenge themselves once again, “dressing up” with a touch of high-tech…

    Image of large coppy basin and touchless taps

    Along with the refinement of the materials used, the sophisticated textures and the harmony of the shapes, “no touch” is integrated to create Sensor Taps. The shape of the iconic collections intertwines with the elegance of the gesture, thanks to a touch-less sensor that is able to adapt to the needs and rituals and make them even more pleasant.

    Water becomes magic through technology, with an increasingly green and waste-conscious approach. Thanks to the no-touch system, the beauty of the shape is pure and fingerprint-free. Functionality, comfort, and hygiene are the main features of this line, which is able to satisfy the new market needs, also thanks to its technological side. Careful to the customer’s needs, Sensor Taps can be powered either by a battery or by electricity.

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    The technological side is also matched with a practical one: the no-touch sensor not only reduces water waste but also improves hygiene, especially in public areas. The soft and sinuous shapes of Goccia are contrasted with a more industrial and worked style typical of Inciso or with a more geometric and architectural style such as Rilievo. Thus, creations by Gessi bring the refined elegance of sophisticated Italian design into a public space.

    The avant-garde of Sensor Taps is highlighted, as an example, inside one of the most prestigious buildings in the world: the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. A majestic, prestigious and timeless place where architect Michael Vincent Uy, thanks to technology and attention to details, has been able to paint the public environment with shades of intimacy and privacy.

    Image of sensor taps in modern bathroom

    Image credit: Gessi

    Pure lines and the elegance of Gessi 316 steel perfectly match the style of one of the most renowned theatres in the world, thanks also to the sophisticated Trame finishing.

    The leading Gessi collections embrace innovation and timeless design, where Sensor Taps wants to be the perfect solution to different needs and tastes, in order to launch not only a new collection but a new product philosophy, a revolutionary concept of luxury and craftsmanship, characterised by hi-tech technology.

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    Hamish Kilburn / 28.04.2021


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