First look: Burlington’s upcoming launch of the Riviera collection

    image of mid-tone green bathroom with white and gold basin
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    First look: Burlington’s upcoming launch of the Riviera collection

    Hot off the heels of launching the Bespoke collection, bathroom brand Burlington is preparing the sophisticated and rather elegant arrival of the Riviera collection. Ahead of its official launch this summer, Hotel Designs takes an exclusive sneak peek…

    image of mid-tone green bathroom with white and gold basin

    Following hefty demand from modern travellers for the bathroom to become more than a practical space, Burlington has introduced the Riviera collection, which is anything but conventional. Embodying the freedom of design and fashionable nature of 1920s Europe – similar to that of Art Deco range of basins in the brand’s Bespoke collection – the collection moves the traditional bathroom into an era of modernity, mixing form and function with elegance and glitz.

    Image of modern bathroom featuring Burlington Riviera collection items

    Image credit: Burlington

    “Riviera represents a new era in traditional bathrooms, offering a complete collection of stunning furniture, brassware and ceramics; strengthening Burlington’s market leadership,” said Stephen Ewer, CEO of Bathroom Brands Group. “We are incredibly excited to be launching Riviera and inspiring broader design of traditional bathrooms in modern spaces.”

    Created in collaboration with renowned designer, Steven Booth of Christian Booth design, the Riviera collection encompasses the 1920s era, taking inspiration from the Art Deco architecture aligning the coast of the French Riviera and the lavish décor and decadent features seen in homes during the decade known in France as ‘les années folles’ (the crazy years). Mirroring elements of traditional styling, whilst remaining truly reminiscent of the glorious bathrooms fitted in the famous architectural residences of the ‘roaring twenties’.

    The Riviera collection works beautifully in both modern and traditional homes with iconic features such as clean balanced lines and the refined details that Burlington is known for. The collection includes elegant furniture solutions available in White, Blue and Pink, a full range of WCs and basins that seamlessly add classical beauty to any interior, with showering and bath brassware available in a Gold Finish or Chrome.

    Burlington’s Riviera collection will no-doubt drive the leaders in traditional bathrooms into a new and exciting era of modernity, bringing harmony and style to any bathroom.

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    Main image credit: Burlington

    Hamish Kilburn / 29.04.2021


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