PRODUCT WATCH: Schlüter’s stylish niches and shelves

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    PRODUCT WATCH: Schlüter’s stylish niches and shelves

    One of Hotel Designs predictions post-pandemic is that wellness will be injected in all areas of the hotel experience, and not just in the spa. With this in mind, editor Hamish Kilburn explores Schlüter Systems’ slick niches and shelves…

    Following an engaging panel discussion at the debut Hotel Designs LIVE, which explored the future of wellness post-pandemic, questions have been raised whether clients will spend more of the budget to make private bathrooms more luxurious.

    One simple way to make bathrooms, wetrooms and showers more stylish, and more practical, is introducing wall niches. These offer integrated and elegant storage space that is also easy to clean. However, creating such niches can be a highly complex and time-consuming process, even for the most skilled installers. The material must be cut to size and individually sealed at the many edges and corners. Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-N eliminates this difficulty.

    Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-N is a range of pre-fabricated niches for tile and stone, with perfect waterproofing thanks to their Schlüter-KERDI coating, which can be easily integrated into the wall surface. To create niches with two levels, you can select between two different niche formats with a positionable shelf suitable for tile or stone. Perhaps you would prefer a feature shelf to complement the tile, profiles, grate or all of them? No problem: in this case Schlüter-SHELF-N is the perfect choice. This shelf, made of brushed stainless steel or texture-coated aluminium, is integrated into the niche elements during the tile installation.

    grey shelves built into wall

    Image credit: Shlüter Systems

    Designer shelves create visually appealing storage space without niches. This frequently requires drilling through tiles or joints which penetrates the waterproofing. Alternatively, the shelf design relies on poorly fitting adhesive or suction cup attachments, neither of which are ideal. In contrast, Schlüter-SHELF products are installed without drilling, yet offer a secure bond and a neat finish. Schlüter-SHELF-W is integrated into the wall during tile installation, with tiles completely covering the anchoring legs of the shelf. This makes the shelf unobtrusive, as well as sturdy enough to withstand large loads.

    Corner shelves are ideally suited for creating discrete storage in even small showers and wetrooms, ensuring that you make the most of the space available. Schlüter-SHELF-E is a corner shelf that is suitable for retrofitting in the joints of tiled walls. However, it can also be installed during tile installation so whatever stage of your project, the Schlüter-SHELF-E can meet your needs.

    Thanks to the choice of finishes, Schlüter-SHELF is a perfect fit for every style: While Schlüter-SHELF in brushed stainless steel offers simple elegance, textured shelves in a variety of colours including ivory, stone grey and dark graphite visually blend into the application. When the shelf is installed in showers and wetrooms, the design can also be selected to visually match the shower grate design and create a wonderful finish: The curve and floral designs originated from the KERDI-LINE-STYLE and KERDI-DRAIN-STYLE range that includes elegant grates for the drains.

    Whether you are looking to add something new to your finished bathroom or want to incorporate a storage solution into a remodel, Schlüter’s solutions will provide you with easy and stylish options to suit your individual taste.

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    Main image credit: Schlüter Systems

    Hamish Kilburn / 28.07.2020


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