PRODUCT WATCH: Lusso Stone’s debut lifestyle book

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    PRODUCT WATCH: Lusso Stone’s debut lifestyle book

    Hotel Designs dives into Lusso Luxury Living by Lusso Stone

    The cornerstone of Lusso has always been our drive to create a truly luxurious brand and this book is a showcase of our work and purpose. The company has collaborated with some of the most prestigious brands, hotels, restaurants and businesses worldwide to create a book that exudes elegance and purpose.


    Readers can expect in-depth interviews with some of the most in-demand interior designers from across the globe alongside insightful editorials on how architecture and interior design are evolving in 2020. We’ve also featured some of our favourite local luxury brands and spoke to prominent CEOs and figureheads working to make the North East a destination for luxury travellers.

    “Lusso has always been about innovation and the Lusso Luxury Living book cements our position as a leading presence in the luxury home sector,” explained Wayne Sprigg, CEO of Lusso Stone. “We want to offer our clients more than just a place to buy bathroom furniture, we want to share our knowledge, our passion and our relationships with some of the most influential figures in our industry and beyond.”

    The book is already becoming a staple item on coffee tables, show homes and hotel receptions across the UK and we’re delighted to announce that it is now on sale for our customers to buy.

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    Hamish Kilburn / 01.06.2020


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