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  • Product watch: Introducing the Hi-Fi Eclectic shower control by Gessi

    HI-FI Eclectic_shelf (moodboard)
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    Product watch: Introducing the Hi-Fi Eclectic shower control by Gessi

    Hi-Fi Eclectic is an evolution of the original Hi-Fi concept: a multifunctional shower control of high design that takes reminiscences, in form and function, of the stereo devices we all know. Here, we take a look at how Gessi has evolved this product to cater for tomorrow’s users…

    HI-FI Eclectic_shelf (moodboard)

    As an aesthetic development of the original award-winning concept, Hi-Fi Eclectic from Gessi incorporates, with an eclectic inspiration, formal and decorative traits of industrial style and early 20th century heritage, with a transversal design capable of integrating perfectly into the various environments, from eclectic contemporary, to classic, to industrial-retro, thus making Gessi’s Sound of Wellness a timeless harmony for all interior styles.

    HI-FI Eclectic_Linear moodboardAs for Hi-fi, Hi-fi Eclectic comes in different types:

    • Linear: an ultra-flat thermostatic system characterised by a balanced design rich in details.
    • Compact: an iconic product: the details evoke elements of the first radios without losing the character and contemporaneity of the collection.
    • Shelf: we find again the same shelf design of Hi-fi with the details of the buttons and of the manual rings thought to be pleasant to use and to recall at the same time the eclectic style we have talked about.
    • Single-lever: here too the design eclectically combines the suggestions of different objects between memory and actuality.

    With the different variants of finishes and solutions, Hi-fi Eclectic is imagined for contemporary living contexts, with a unique character and eternal charm.

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    Main image credit: Gessi

    Hamish Kilburn / 22.10.2021


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