Parkside guides designers through the power of patterns

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    Parkside guides designers through the power of patterns

    Parkside is now taking bookings for virtual presentations of its RIBA accredited CPD that takes designers through the relationship to patterns and symmetry…

    ‘An Introduction to Tiling Patterns’, is a RIBA accredited CPD presentation by design-led tile specification company, Parkside, that introduces tiling patterns through the world of tessellations, looking at symmetry, repeat patterns and a handful of mathematical terms and rules.

    Now available as a virtual presentation, An Introduction to Tiling Patterns initially takes a look at tessellations, giving an understanding of the etymology, terminology and types. Showing common examples of regular, semi-regular and irregular tessellations, the CPD then goes on to explore how these founding principles translate into tiling patterns.

    Tracing the history of tiles, as well as designs found in nature and their psychological meaning, it then goes on to explore the impact of tiling patterns on interiors, as well as the creative possibilities of creating your own unique pattern.

    Brian Linnington, managing director, Parkside; “We’re bringing unique insight into the power of patterns to remote working teams with our CPD presentation that’s ready to be presented virtually. Reflecting on tiling patterns in the world all around us, we’re hoping that teams will find an inspirational and ultimately informative exploration of how to integrate innovative tiling designs in future projects.”

    Including interview excerpts with famed designer and BIID director, Sue Timney, An Introduction to Tiling Patterns can be presented to remote teams by one of Parkside’s experienced consultants. It provides an opportunity to combine team wellbeing with RIBA approved professional development.

    Parkside, which won Best in British Product Design at The Brit List Awards 2020, is one of our recommended suppliers and regularly feature in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

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    Hamish Kilburn / 17.02.2021


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