New collections celebrate the quintessential Morris & Co.

Delve into the story of the makers with Morris & Friends, a collection celebrating the brightest creative talents of Morris & Co., while Little Book of Morris reveals a complementary symphony of design stories…

wooden shelf with bowls in front of morris & co wallpaper

Morris & Co. welcomes all – friends, collaborators and comrades – in a quintessential fabric and wallpaper collection, Morris & Friends. Celebrating the makers, some renowned, some lesser known, from radical beginnings to the present day, this new collection draws from a portfolio of work by icons such as J.H. Dearle (1859-1932) and Edward Godwin (1833-1886). Morris & Co. has seen scores of inventive craftswomen and men who have each left an indelible mark on British design. This new collection is also a celebration of the under-recognised work of 19th-century women artists such as Kate Faulkner (1841-1898), May Morris (1862-1938), and Kathleen Kersey (active in the early 20th century).

Helena wallpaper from Morris & co

Image credit: Morris & Co.

“This is a story of celebration, where we can uplift and recognise the ‘Co’ in Morris & Co., a brand of many talented makers,” said Jessica Clayworth, Lead Designer, Morris & Co.

These accomplished women of Morris & Co. come to the fore in rich colour alongside the work of Dearle, Godwin, Morris himself, and the incomparable talents of today’s studio designers. This is a celebratory collection of magnificent makers and their glorious designs.

hallway with basket on hook and lemon and leaf wallpaper

Image credit: Morris & Co.

Carefully reworked from the original Kathleen Kersey design, Arbutus was created on the eve of World War I. This wallpaper features stems, leaves and berries in rich colourways, replicating the deep tones of the original and introducing sophisticated neutral versions for a lighter look in Morris & Friends.

kitchen sink and counter still life with period wallpaper

Image credit: Morris & Co.

Always recognising that true beauty has its thorns, J.H. Dearle designed Sweet Briar in 1912. Depicting the small rose heads flowering pleasantly amongst the barbed stems, this is the tender yet honest view of nature that characterised the studios’ output under Dearle and Morris.

hallway with wallpaper and matching curtain fabric

Image credit: Morris & Co

Little Book of Morris is a fabric coordinate book for finishing touches, accent pieces, feature upholstery and irresistible layering. With designs available in newly recast scales and textures, Morris & Co. introduces a collection whose versatility meets the scale of design ambitions.

“Although small in scale and delicate by nature, Little Book of Morris is mighty, perfectly formed and brimming with designs, revealing distinctive stories at every turn,” continued Clayworth. “With the infinite possibilities of layering designs, these long-treasured hero designs have found a new home in Little Book, creating a beautiful symphony of design in fabric.”

flowers and books on a shelf with floral wallpaper in background

Image credit: Morris & Co.

With this latest tool in the designer’s toolkit, delve into a collection where each design reveals new perspectives in new scales and colourways, totalling 41 iterations of hero designs. Little Book of Morris is a symphony of visual intrigue, each design a soloist in this mighty story, wonderfully textural, distinctive and layered in heritage.

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Main image credit: Morris & Co.