Lighting product watch: Eltham Collection by Vaughan

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    Lighting product watch: Eltham Collection by Vaughan

    Vaughan has launched Eltham Collection, a selection of products, based on early 20th Century design…

    Featuring four new table lamps, and five pieces of faux shagreen furniture, Eltham Collection continues Vaughan’s longstanding theme of creating products rooted in antiques, but then given a contemporary flair.

    Lucy Vaughan, chairman and co-founder of Vaughan Designs, recalls how the collection came into existence: “From admiring my grandmother’s monogrammed boxes, to professionally taking an interest in my time as an antique dealer, shagreen has a particularly special place in my heart. Paired with the lights, it encapsulates all that I love about early 20th century design, with its emphasis on simplicity, purity of line and subtlety of form.”

    The Eltham Collection includes :-

    Hudson Table Lamp

    A contemporary shape, reminiscent of American skyscrapers, this table lamp has an appealing crisp line to it. The decorative applied lines on the sides add a more ‘statement’ feel to the piece. The monumentality and decoration have an affinity to Axumite obelisks from 4th Century Ethiopia.

    Wyndham Table Lamp

    Based on an early 20th Century original, this vase is decorated with flowing swirl motifs to give it a wonderful textured feel. The non-uniform color adds a Modernist element to the aesthetic.

    Shoreham Table Lamp

    Based on an antique original, this playful design takes its inspiration from the work of the mid-20th Century. Its bright pop of color makes it a wonderful, statement piece.

    Fairmont Table

    A neat and satisfying design, this side table has a classic hexagonal shape to it, which is given a contemporary twist thanks to the addition of faux shagreen.

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    Main image credit: Vaughan

    Hamish Kilburn / 15.09.2020


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