Light it up: Chelsom officially launches Edition 27

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    Light it up: Chelsom officially launches Edition 27

    More than two years in the making, Chelsom’s brand new lighting collection, Edition 27, has official launched. Hotel Designs celebrates by selecting some of its favourite pieces. Editor Hamish Kilburn writes…

    Every two years on the international hotel design scene, something incredible happens. The industry becomes temporarily blinded by new lighting designs that are created with tomorrow’s luxury hospitality projects in mind. The brand behind this much-awaited artificial phenomenon is, of course, Chelsom.

    The launch of a new ‘Chelsom Edition’ becomes a precious moment etched in modern design history, usually marked in a grand setting with no expense spared to introduce the A + D community with the brand’s latest dynamic and timeless designs. And although, this year, suppliers are prevented from hosting live events, this, by no means, makes Chelsom’s unveiling of Edition 27 any less sensational. In fact, some would go as far to argue that the pandemic has created a catalyst for brands like Chelsom to launch their latest products with a deeper meaning for the sake and sanity of tomorrow’s hospitality landscape.

    As expected, the collection reflects Chelsom’s brand image, showcasing a plethora of beautifully designed lighting products specifically created for the international hospitality and marine interior design arenas. More than 40 per cent of the collection is entirely new and all pieces are available with LED light sources to accommodate the latest developments in technology and energy efficiency.

    “I believe that our clients will not only appreciate the refinements we have made to our product collection in terms of even sharper product designs, higher quality levels and strong focus on value engineering, but also the continued evolution of our brand image as international market leader,” said Will Chelsom, Managing Director at Chelsom. “Both the catalogue and website illustrate this perfectly and have been carefully designed with our clients’ requirements as a priority.”

    “Edition 27 has been a fantastic collection to produce and it’s our most ground-breaking to date.” – Robert Chelsom, Chairman at Chelsom.

    Edition 27 is a truly eclectic harmony of lighting that harnesses and refines the latest trends in finishes and materials. Striking brass tones, textured Venetian glass and cutting-edge LED pieces are just some of the elements that dominate the bold and exciting new collection, offering designers creative lighting solutions for any interior space from guestrooms, to corridors, through to restaurants and other public spaces. Amongst many things, Edition 27 offers the widest collection of LED reading lights in the company’s history including the LED Eye range which moves on the aesthetics of your standard bedside reading light whilst maintaining all the successful features of function and light output.

    Robert Chelsom, Chairman at Cheslom, added: “In all my years working within the industry never has there been a more challenging yet exciting time to be designing lighting products. Triggered by fashion cycles, interior trends are moving increasingly faster and in doing so constantly stimulate new design directions when it comes to finishes and materials, which is something we have given careful consideration to. Edition 27 has been a fantastic collection to produce and it’s our most ground-breaking to date. Will and I are proud to be able to say that all product has been designed in- house to create this diverse lighting collection that truly caters for all levels of the hospitality and marine sectors.”

    Here are some of our editor’s picks:


    Image caption: LED EYE | Image credit: Chelsom

    Image caption: LED EYE | Image credit: Chelsom

    When Chelsom designed the iconic bedside reading light LED Dock, the design intent came with years of experience in successfully lighting hotel guestrooms. Trying to mix being inconspicuous and striking at the same time was a large design challenge, little did they know it would become the company’s most successful product ever enhancing hotel schemes in more than 30 countries worldwide.

    In the new collection, Chelsom moves on the aesthetics of a bedside reading light whilst maintaining all the successful features of function and light output. The starting point was to create a product that was inconspicuous in that it nestled successfully into a headboard with minimum projection and yet was cool and stylish to look at when guests first entered the room. Development led to compact and slim outer vessel  which surrounded the ‘eye’, a sculptured cast metal piece which invites the hotel guest to open the eyelid thereby illuminating the light and allowing a full range of movement to create the perfect light spill. Much time and engineering skill went into prototype development ensuring that the cast centrepiece revolve and rotates wit the lightest of touch and can be easily opened to operate the microswitch and closed to extinguish the light.

    The highly tactile moulded centrepiece still remains extremely slim with a subtle curve at the bottom edge. Once opened the warm white LED light passes through a high-quality focusing lens to create perfect reading light.


    Image caption: The Hybrid set | Image credit: Chelsom

    Image caption: The Hybrid set | Image credit: Chelsom

    The main concept of this striking collection of wall, floor and table lamps centres around the over-scaled cylindrical head, creating ambient room light through the matt opal glass top dome and directional task light from below. The head swivels from left to right with a mechanical stop to prevent over rotation.This sleek and contemporary range is available in an assortment of finish options and is the perfect fusion of design aesthetic and technological refinement making it the perfect addition to any interior space.


    Crook features a stepped column supporting a shepherd’s crook-styled arm, which allows a good spread of downlight. The base on this product has a rounded stepped detail, while the lampholder cover features interesting knurled detailing.


    On the wall, the perforated metal tapered half shield emits a warm glow and throws light onto the oval backplate, which creates a halo effect around its concave-curved perimeter. On the ceiling, the chandelier ha conical, perforated shades with opal acrylic liners giving a warm glow.

    Glass Effect

    Image caption: Glass Effect | Image credit: Chelsom

    Image caption: Glass Effect | Image credit: Chelsom

    The main concept of this striking range of wall lights centres around how light effect can be created on the wall and within different types of glass so that the fittings were not just about achieving ambience but also about the projection, pattern and play of light on surface and the refraction of light through different coloured and shaped glasses. Traditional components have been used in unique applications to achieve a powerful light effect suited to any environment with one of the key features being that the glasses can be fully interchangeable to create totally different results.

    Cheslom is one of Hotel Designs’ recommended suppliers. To keep up to date with supplier news, click here. And, if you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email Katy Phillips by clicking here.

    Main image credit: Chelsom

    Hamish Kilburn / 30.09.2020


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