Leaflike adds green notes to the grandeur of The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel combines elegant history with modern comfort and inviting décor, and Leaflike adds to the grand romanticism of the venue with a selection of designer floor standing planting displays in the bar area and restaurant…

Leaflike greenery frames the architecture at The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

After years of devoted restoration, the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel is being hailed as London’s most romantic building. Its glorious Gothic Revival metalwork, gold leaf ceilings, hand-stencilled wall designs and a jaw-dropping grand staircase are as dazzling as the day the hotel in 1873. The floral displays and planting by Leaflike contribute to the period feel of the architecture, adding  a Victorian sense of the exotic with plants ranging from Kentia and Areca Palm to Cordyline and Fern, along with some statement trailing Ivy. This is all completed with a selection of planters in various colours including green and yellow, with slate top dressing.

Leaflike planting in restaurant of St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Image credit: Leaflike

“Working with a grand venue in such a location, it really brings home how we help customers to achieve their bespoke design requirements,” said Brandon Abernethie, Head of Design, Leaflike

Leaflike and The St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel share a commitment to sustainable goals. The hotel has achieved its Green Key Award, a programme linked to the Sustainable Development Goals 2015-2030 addressed by the United Nations.
The hotel has also partnered with schemes such as Forest Carbon, a business that develops nature-based climate projects in the UK, to help protect the UK’s peatlands. With Leaflike committed to plant a tree for every sustainable element in a project, this was a winning partnership.

palm trees by Leaflike at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Image credit: Leaflike

When it comes to dressing a hotel with floristry, Leaflike provides several options. Fresh displays, artificial, preserved, or a combination of all three. As the quality of faux displays become increasingly advanced, lifelike floral displays are a great option to add layers to hotel design.

The addition of Leaflike faux planting comes with a range of benefits. Compared to the live alternative, maintenance is minimal, and the duty of daily watering and regular upkeep no longer exists. All that is required is a quick brush off of any dust as part of a routine interior cleaning routine. With no need for feeding, pruning or pest control artificial plants are great for a no-hassle option of greenery. Going for faux also provides the freedom to position plant displays in inaccessible areas or places where traditional live plants may not survive.

Quality is another key consideration when exploring faux flower displays. With an abundance of poor-quality displays in the past now relegated to history, artificial planting has come a long way! Artificial flowers can be 100 per cent UV stabilised meaning they will never fade in areas with long periods of sunshine. This makes them very long-lasting and all that is required is a light dusting to keep them looking fresh all year round. In addition to this, artificial displays are often fire rated making them not only a quality option but a safe one too.

As well as being available in a range of colours and sizes, artificial plants will last and look great anywhere as they have no special requirements. They can be placed in bright sunlight or dark corners, cold or warm areas or even hang them upside down and make them talk with your venue. With artificial plants it allows for additional flare and creativity because design schemes can be created that are not possible with live plants.

A downfall of going for the real deal when it comes to flowers is that sometimes real flowers, whilst striking, can be a nuisance for those with pollen allergies. However, artificial floral arrangements are free from pollen and fragrances, making them particularly ideal for hotels where footfall is high. If you’re a hotel owner or somebody who is in charge of the general maintenance of a hotel, this is another potential problem you can remove from your list!

Although artificial plants aren’t able to filter impurities from the air like real plants, they still have a very positive effect on mood and morale. This is because just looking at plants and pictures of natural landscapes can improve mood, concentration, and productivity levels. And, at the risk of stating the obvious, artificial plants will last for a long time because they never die or fail. This allows for venues to select their preferred style of floral and plant displays and have them available all year-round through every season despite the changing weather conditions.

Last but not least, artificial plants can be very cost effective in the long-term. If you love plants and flowers but don’t want the cost of replacing or maintaining them in future years, consider the benefits of artificial plants. Depending on which financial option you select to purchase your artificial planting scheme you can reap some of the benefits of biophilic design without the hassle. Artificial flowers and plants are always a great way to incorporate natural elements, enhancing the guest experience and adding the finishing design layers to a hotel space to make it memorable.

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Main image credit: Leaflike