Innovation in shower design: introducing Crossbox Push by Crosswater

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    Innovation in shower design: introducing Crossbox Push by Crosswater

    One year on from the successful launch of the original Crossbox – a single universal installation box with multiple trim set designs – Crosswater has extended the range with the introduction of Crossbox Push

    Crossbox Push is Crosswater’s recently launched shower unit, which has evolved out of the success of Crossbox that launched last year. It comprises an all-metal backplate, rotary and temperature control which delivers a high-quality, premium feel – with five different MPRO trim-sets available.

    Available in a two or three outlet variant, the new coloured trim-sets offer enhanced choice, allowing the homeowner to select a trim design that will complement their existing décor.  Intelligent push technology relies on NEOPERL® ABS push buttons and FSG cartridge to provide a seamless showering experience, the user can easily transition between sources or alternatively, stop the flow completely.

    Comfort and safety is guaranteed with the vernet thermostatic cartridge technology, this means that whilst the temperature will be regulated, if there was a sudden change in water temperature, the thermostatic cartridge can adapt quickly and return the water to its comfortable pre-set temperature. Flühs precise 45-degree rotation, allows the water flow to be easily adjusted.

    Extremely easy to install, the Crossbox Push device requires installation via one single universal installation core. Enhanced with deeper 16.5mm projection, the backplate can easily accommodate the push technology whilst retaining its sleek aesthetic.

    A black bathroom with modern Crosswater shower outlet

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    Developed with all of the intelligent features seen in the original Crossbox design but with an enhanced trim, the new Crossbox Push benefits from the built-in ‘Easy-Switch’ module, to allow for simple and quick flow reversal if the feeds are plumbed the wrong way around making it an ideal choice for installers and retailers alike.

    While you’re here, why not check out the Matt White finishes in Crosswater’s MPRO Collection?

    With ease of installation and ease of use at the forefront of its design, Crossbox Push is, in our opinion, the perfect addition to the modern bathroom and ideal for lifestyle hotels that are looking to future-proof their showers.

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    Hamish Kilburn / 12.11.2020


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