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  • Industry insight: the art of lighting

    Image of pictures hung on the wall
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    Industry insight: the art of lighting

    As we begin to steer our editorial attention towards art, lighting brand Franklite offers an interesting perspective on the possibilities of creative lighting schemes…

    Image of pictures hung on the wall

    Artists use light to give form, depth and atmosphere to their piece when they sculpt. By studying the way light works artists used this knowledge to evoke an emotional response with their audience. Leonardo Da Vinci researched the effects of light during the renaissance, breathing a new sense of life and realness into his paintings that wasn’t present in the most religious art of that time.

    With light being so important in the creation of art, it is equally, if not more, important in the display of that art. There are various ways to light art, ranging from the picture light to the framing projector. Accent lighting is used to highlight pictures and collections by accentuating architectural features, adding drama and creating a mood.

    Last year in Amsterdam at the Independent Hotel Show, Franklite collaborated with the Saatchi Gallery to illuminate their exhibition. In these portrait pieces it was important to highlight the faces of the subjects. For this the lighting designer decided to utilise our adjustable picture lights to direct the light source as required.

    The brand’s picture lights are available in modern matt gold, bronze, polished brass and satin nickel finishes to suit any décor and the LED lamps come in a variety of colour temperatures to help you evoke the right mood for the space – and picture light dimming options are also available.

    Franklite is one of our recommended suppliers and regularly feature in our Supplier News section of the website. If you are interested in becoming one of our recommended suppliers, please email Katy Phillips.

    *Lights supplied for the Saatchi Art Gallery by Franklite.

    Main image credit: Franklite

    Hamish Kilburn / 11.11.2020


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